PublioX Launches CEO Roundtable and Book Tour ’22

Content Hub

Keith Reynolds discusses how the right Content Hub strategy can grow your business. Roundtables can be an effective part of yours.

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A Roundtable about how today’s AI and Cloud Technologies can amplify your content and quickly grow your sales pipeline.

The CEO Roundtable gathers virtually – and from co-working spaces around the country – during our 2022 Book Tour to offer CEOs and business leaders like you unique perspectives from peers within their industry or market.  

The agenda:

  • Kick-off with a round of intros (10 mins)
  • Impact of AI and Cloud Technology in sales and marketing presentation (10 mins)
  • Live CEO polling (5 mins)
  • Networking and peer group discussions (20 mins)
  • & Win Local Case Studies and Demo

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Thank you to those who attended our inaugural live event held at HAYVN, our home base coworking space in Darien CT.

Learn How to Use AI and Cloud Technologies to Boost Your Lead Gen

For CEOs, Business Owners, and Founders sales executives seeking to build relationships with senior executives.

Are you looking at new technologies for sales growth?

How do you assess the effectiveness of sales and marketing technology for your business?

How can you boost your lead generation with virtual events?

What if you had a panel of seasoned executives and business leaders on your team to answer your questions? 

Publio’s CEO Roundtable presents ways to get the most out of your sales and marketing using cloud technology and AI available today. You will meet our sales and marketing tech experts and network with a group of your peers during these interactive sessions.

We’ll help you develop a unique “content hub” strategy and technology roadmap to take advantage of all the growth opportunities content, AI, and cloud data present to companies like yours.

So bring your questions, ideas, and marketing challenges!


Through his presentation – Supercharge Your Content Strategy in 2022 – Keith was able to provide our group with great insight on how to build a “Content Hub” strategy and a ROI model. He was great to work with and provided our attendees with clear takeaways and best practices regarding content marketing. Thank you Keith! 

Marta Dabrowski, CPSM
Marketing Manager at WSP USA 
President, SMPS Connecticut

This event is brought to you by Publio, in association with, and Win Local. 

Follow our roadshow this summer:

Cincinnati, OH
Chicago, IL
Denver, CO
Sarasota, FL

The PublioX Round Table and Book Tour is launched with the idea of bringing the Publisher’s M.O. to more people, reaching more coworking communities, and connecting with chambers and universities to help small-to-midsize businesses follow their North Star!

Want to host this presentation at your coworking space, university or chamber? 

In addition to our content strategy consulting, Publio is committed to creating valuable training and development experiences for individuals and teams. PublioX is our traveling book tour, marketing roundtable, training, and consulting rod show.

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