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Adopt the ‘Publisher’s M.O.’™ to Grow Your Business

Forget websites, social media and blogs. “Think — and do — like a publisher” to grow your business with digital marketing

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Today, understanding your audience, a solid content strategy, teamwork, and operational alignment are critical for getting results from digital marketing. That’s the “why” behind the PUBLISHER’S M.O. The model for SEO, content marketing, and social media I have found works best for growth is that of “brand publisher,” as publishing has historically been a wealth creation strategy.

Marketers who build an audience and meaningful connections with today’s digital tools can develop a valuable growth engine if things are set up properly. With brand publishing, value is created by leads generated, opportunities created and money saved, rather than advertising sales, or sponsorship revenue sought by traditional publishers. I work with clients help them achieve ROI from digital publishing and define their strategy by exploring and applying these seven Publisher’s M.O. “Buckets”:

1. Northstar Idea
2. Editorial Strategy
3. Publishing Strategy
4. Community & Events
5. Marketing Automation
6. Sales Model
7. ROI Model – lead generation and strategic KPIs

Once you have defined your Publisher’s M.O., I am passionate about working with global teams like yours to achieve success by creating a culture of process, accountability, and trust. I also speak at corporations, associations, and universities to make their audiences’ experience more meaningful.

Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to discussing your goals.

Keith R. Reynolds