Thoughts on Working w/ Admiral

Hi Don,

Admiral has such a cool offering and I am really enthusiastic about the possibilities the niche offers… VRM is one of those “big ideas” that can be transformative with proper execution – with proper execution. has a blog and a few webinars, but it lacks a clear North Star vision for CRM and content that stimulates interactivity. I recommend producing a branded content hub that positions Admiral as a thought leader in the media industry and generates leads.

Below are a few ideas from my deck about how a branded content hub can be viewed as a profit center, or channel to generate leads.

I appreciate your offer to receive a proposal. At this point, I have more questions than answers… Let’s discuss the best approach to creating a vision, content strategy, and “resource appropriate” plan w/ an ROI model for Admiral that can get buy-in from leadership. This is critical to getting any production budgets approved.

In addition, let’s keep the dialog open about the convergence between B2B and Media. Seems like there is a golden nugget for both of in there.

Thanks. I look forward to speaking again soon.


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