Thoughts on Working With CircleOf

Hi Michael,

It was a pleasure to meet with you on Friday. It was a good discussion about where CircleOf fits in the continuum of care and the best ways to reach people in need. I am looking forward to the work we can do together to take CircleOf to the next level.

My experience is that a branded content hub is an effective channel to attract and nurture leads. Our ROI model can help us build buy-in for the financial aspects of your content strategy.

Below are some thoughts about the approach we will bring to our work with you based on the Publisher’s M.O.™. This is a methodology I developed to create an actionable content strategy and plan – in six months or less. This will enable CareOf to get to market at scale in rapid fashion.

As discussed, my experience leads me to believe we should explore a “B2B2C” strategy where we have content and a marketing plan for the app for consumers and the medical and non-medical referral sources.

Thanks. I look forward to speaking again soon.



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