The New Content Culture: Think Like a Publisher to Grow Your Business

According to Aberdeen Group, average conversion rates are six times higher for companies and brands that use content marketing than those that don’t (2.9% vs. 0.5% respectively).

Publio’s research suggests your biggest challenges to success are lack of a content strategy, and not enough resources to produce content. Introducing the Publisher’s M.O.™:

Generate ROI with Content Marketing in the age of digital disruption.

  • Define your ROI model.
  • Develop your strategy.
  • Get your team on board.

What’s your Modus Operandi?

The Publisher’s M.O. is a marketing strategy and development experience that helps brand teams, agencies and entrepreneurs create impactful content and attract new customers using a seven-pillar methodology:

  • North Star Idea: Your WHY. Harness an idea that guides all messaging ensuring connection with your core audience.
  • Editorial Strategy: The DRAW. Solve for the human individual, not the general market, by drawing on research of topics this core audience is searching for online.
  • Publishing, Promotion, Distribution: The LIGHT. Get your content into the hands of people who will read and share it by knowing which platforms (blogs, social, email) and formats (print, video, podcast) they engage with most.
  • Community & Events: Your SPACE. Connect and build relationships through affinity groups, conferences and active networking to amplify impact.
  • Marketing Automation: Your TOOL. Close the loop on digital marketing efforts using a central Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.
  • Sales Model: Your INVOLVEMENT. Work your sales team to co-nurture your customers to conversion.
  • ROI Model: Your PROFITABLE OUTCOMES. Create content that makes sense and ushers profitable returns on content investment.

This illuminating and practical book provides a roadmap and 50,000-foot view of the process. It outlines practical tools that will help you think through your goals, priorities and the milestones that you aim to achieve throughout the year, keep your team on track, and achieve content marketing ROI.

Our easy “seven buckets” approach and agile-like accountability system will keep your team focused on results as you progress in your content marketing journey.

Praise for The New Content Culture

“It’s not often that such a big idea, not to mention how to successfully implement that idea, can be found in a such a short book. But Keith Reynolds has done it.”
~ Bryan Mattimore, Author, Co-Founder & Chief Idea Guy, The Growth Engine Co.

“Keith’s Content Hub strategy is a refreshing perspective for today’s business leaders. I especially appreciate the way he organizes the strategies and approaches in his book. Keith’s thought leadership is leading the way for content marketing!”
~ Sandra Long, Author, LinkedIn for Personal Branding: The Ultimate Guide

“Well presented, clarity of vision, positive action – nicely done!”
~ Dan Chichester, Writer | Strategist | Creative Consultant