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Hip Hop Studio Embraces The New Content Culture

Welcome. I’m Keith Reynolds: Chief Content Marketing Officer, strategist, writer and producer. I founded Publio to help clients adopt an ROI-based content publishing model to promote their brand, build an audience and grow a sales pipeline.

Publio is grounded in my 25+ years of marketing management experience for leading tech firms like IBM, Kodak, Apple and numerous startups. My expertise has helped these clients yield tens of thousands of leads, capture hundreds of millions of dollars in sales pipelines, and raise millions of dollars in startup capital. Curious how?



Introducing The Publisher’s M.O.™ – Publio’s Signature Framework


Flowchart outlining Publio's Publisher’s M.O.™ Process

Publio’s Publisher’s M.O.™ signature framework entails the setup of an interconnected network of content channels, all leading to a CRM integrated content hub.


Publio’s signature system helps companies capture returns on their content marketing efforts as measured by leads in their database. Known as the Publisher’s M.O.™, this process entails the setup of an interconnected network of content channels all leading to a CRM integrated content hub. The Publisher’s M.O. builds directly upon the Inbound Marketing framework and flywheel concept pioneered by HubSpot:


HubSpot Flywheel Inbound Marketing Method Lifecycle

Publio’s Publisher’s M.O. builds directly on HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Flywheel.



Today, Publio is a certified HubSpot Solutions Provider, placing us among an elite network of agencies and consultants uniquely equipped to help companies onboard HubSpot technologies and inbound best practices.

Service Offerings and Packages

Podcast Ecosystem™ QuickStart: Launch a podcast-driven, CRM-connected marketing infrastructure in 90 days

Fractional CMO Retainer: Access continuous, C-Level marketing support for a fixed monthly rate

Marketing Help Desk: Scale custom content and technology projects via done-with-you or done-for-you support

Marketing Therapy: Overcome roadblocks, gain clarity and outline action plans through interactive sessions

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