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The Emerging Role of Chief Content Marketing Officer

Chief Content Marketing Officer White Paper
In Semrush’s State of Content Marketing 2022 Global Report, 97% of companies reported adoption of some form of content marketing, but only 57% reported a documented content strategy and just 19% reported an “advanced” content marketing strategy.
The Takeaway: While content marketing is effective, a lack of content strategy and ROI model make it hard for businesses to allocate resources and achieve consistent results.

Enter the Chief Content Marketing Officer (CCMO).

CCMO (noun): A strategic position that oversees all content marketing efforts, including strategy, creation, distribution, reporting and analysis and attribution of sales results.


Does the world need another C-suite role?

Short Answer: YES.

Learn all about this emerging position and ways your team can fulfill this role in Publio’s white paper, “A Call for Better-Performing Content: The Emerging Role of Chief Content Marketing Officer.”