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Publio brings a data-driven “storytelling” content strategy to technology, finance, and professional services firms to open doors, qualify leads and get sales appointments or referrals. 

Get more customers

In a landscape where even the most profitable companies should plan for 10-40% attrition and the impacts of Content Shock Mark Schaefer first predicted in 2014 are fully reality, businesses need a powerful, ROI driven content strategy to achieve growth goals.

Do you have the strategy and resources to go to market?

You probably need a CMO if you don’t have a strategy and need better resources. As a CEO of a $5-100M company with less than 200 employees, a full-time CMO may be fiscally out of reach.

That’s where Publio comes in.

Add an experienced part-time strategic advisor with a “service bureau” mindset to your executive team.

A fractional CMO is not just about implementing one or two marketing campaigns; they are integral in developing long-term strategies that meet the needs of your clients and employees. Publio provides seasoned executives to help growth-stage companies eliminate trial and error when building a go-to-market program into an effective, scalable, and repeatable process.

We clarify your marketing and content strategy, as well as executive objectives, before implementing. We guide you through all the content, marketing, and vendor elements to meet your goals while offering lead generation, strategy, and technology management. And we get into the numbers so that campaigns are built on data.

We’ll work with you in the following ways:

  • Full-Service Consulting: “Done for you” content marketing strategy for business owners, founders and executive teams
  • Guided Consulting: Workshops and coaching formats to help you and your team develop and implement a content marketing strategy aligned with your North Star Idea
  • Agency Consulting: Training and consulting to help agencies adopt the CCMO framework and earn “a seat at the table”

In addition to developing a marketing strategy as your CMO, three areas of high-value where we guide you to success are:

  1. Branded, SEO-aligned Content Hubs
  2. Podcasts, webinars, and virtual events
  3. Marketing and sales technology coaching, training, and optimization

These offerings will tie your marketing and content strategies together to engage your audience and give customers a great experience.

Trust us to be your strategic B2B (or B2B2C) partner.

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