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1. Facilitated Strategy Session

Develop your Northstar idea, the central concept that guides your content development. Set goals, milestones and measurable objectives, then achieve agreement, buy-in and accountability among your teams. Our team will produce a roadmap to achieving specific results to get you started confidently on a new path.

2. Book, Workbook and Worksheet

These resources facilitate your efforts, whether you are part of an “In-house Agency” or an entrepreneur who is building a sustainable content marketing program. Purchase of the worksheet and workbook entitles you to a one-month membership of our weekly mastermind calls where you can ask questions and get guidance.

3. Create Buyer Personas

We can help you develop a description of your best customers and a map of their buying process. You will understand where they fit demographically, their values, hobbies, and interests, as well as the attributes that make them unique and impact their purchase behavior. This data will inform your strategy and messages.

4. ROI Calculator

This worksheet enables you to plug in the numbers you need to build a convincing business case for your content marketing and experience building. The output will help you project how much incremental revenue you can generate for your company, and demonstrate how your budget is an investment — not an expense. Download your ROI calculator; it is free for a limited time.

5. Communication Strategy and Messaging

We identify the SEO keywords and phrases that buyers in your market use to describe their problems or the solutions they seek. Our assessment also reveals the buying triggers meaningful to the buyer’s decision-making process. These insights create a messaging platform for your team to succinctly convey the unique value you provide to customers and keep everyone “on message” across campaigns, channels, and media.

6. SEO Services

We will conduct research to find the topics that are most relevant to your customers. This optimized content will target your market, and differentiate you from your competitors. Our SEO audit will uncover:

  • Technical factors on the back-end, such as hosting and indexing, that penalize you.
  • Front-end opportunities such as content, keywords, and metadata that affect your ranking.
  • Backlinking strategies that rate the quality of external and internal link references, which impact your relevance and authority rankings.
7. Create a Content Hub

We can create your Content Hub, or support your existing team in building this highly effective marketing strategy. Your Content Hub is a destination that aggregates your demand generation content, which includes news articles, white papers, videos and social media. It will help you build brand awareness, create demand, generate leads, and promote your leadership in the market as well as foster customer loyalty. Search engines give high rankings for content hubs, too.

8. Develop Case Studies, White Papers, eBooks, Blogs, and More

Nothing puts your business forward in a better light than well-written content that displays your solutions and thought leadership.

9. Website Refresh

We create content for your website that reflects the keywords, messaging, and engaging themes that are important to your audience. In addition to traditional text-based approaches, we will tell your brand story with images and videos that educate your audience. Your website will guide users to engage with your content, and allow you to engage with them.

10. Create Engaging Webinars

Expand your content offering and become an established authority. We can help you develop ideas and presentations that are aligned with your communication strategy and messaging platform. Your webinars will inform, engage your audience, and position you as an industry leader.

11. Produce Video Content

Customers want to see your people, products and services in action. Customer preference for video consumption must be an important element in your content marketing.

12. Launch Social Media Campaigns

We’ll help you strategize and launch creative and effective social media campaigns across a variety of platforms. Your messages will engage your audience, build brand awareness and expand customer loyalty.

13. Mastermind Group

Your subscription to this weekly call allows you to ask our team any questions about your marketing campaign and strategy. The Mastermind Group is free for the first month when you purchase our worksheet and workbook.

14. Public Speaking

We’ll help you make your brand more impactful and successful through public presentation. Our founder, Keith Reynolds, will readily host or speak at your webinar, podcast, event or meeting.

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