Enroll in Publio’s Year-End Marketing and Sales Campaign Planning Series!

  • =Define your ROI model.
  • =Develop your strategy.
  • =Get your team on board.
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What Can I Expect in this Workshop Series?

Are you a CEO, business owner, or nonprofit leader looking to steer your business towards success in 2024?
Have you made your end-of-year plan yet?
Do you have a 2024 Marketing and Sales roadmap in place?

Don’t fret – Publio has an exclusive opportunity just for you! 

Join our Year-End Marketing and Sales Campaign Planning Program, designed to equip CEOs, business owners, and nonprofit leaders to provide their teams with the strategic tools to produce the content and sales initiatives they need to grow and thrive in the coming year. 

Best of all, our weekly in-person and virtual introductory sessions are FREE! We’ll listen to your goals and provide an overview of how we can help you achieve them by working with you and your team. 

Design Your Marketing and Sales Campaign Agenda:

Week 1: The Publisher’s M.O. - Your Blueprint for a Prosperous 2024

Lay the foundation for a successful year ahead.

Week 2: Tailor Your Strategy: Crafting a Bespoke Strategic Plan

Create a tailored strategy to drive your business forward.

Week 3: Align Your Team for Success

Ensure your entire team is on board with your vision and has the right tools.

Week 4: Sail Smoothly Through Year-End Challenges

 Learn strategies to overcome common year-end hurdles.

Week 5: Master Proactive Financial Projections and Investment Planning

Gain control over your financial future while preparing to meet fiscal challenges head-on.

Week 6: Prepare for a Strong Start in Q1 2024

Ensure a flying start to the new year.

Week 7: Individual Coaching to Prep for Team Workshops (Optional)

Receive personalized guidance to supercharge your strategy.

Week 8: Team Workshops (Optional)

Empower your team to execute your marketing plan effectively.

Trust us to be your strategic growth partner.