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Why Enroll in a Publisher’s M.O. Masterclass?

  1. Define your ROI model.
  2. Develop your strategy.
  3. Get your team on board.

What to expect in this online class?

Publisher’s M.O. Masterclass is a series of approximately seven pre-recorded sessions with additional resources and tools to help attendees establish a clear understanding of their marketing objectives, the content that will resonate with customers and the processes and resources needed to achieve desired results.

Upon completion of the Publisher’s M.O. Masterclass, participants will have identified their North Star idea and defined the content, resources, and systems needed to successfully achieve their ROI goals. 

The Publisher’s M.O. Masterclass includes:

  1. Approximately 2-hour walkthrough of the Publisher’s M.O. Methodology for 1 person
  2. Worksheets to build your own content strategy and plan
  3. VIDEO: Step-by-step Publisher’s M.O. Worksheet tutorials
  4. A copy of the “Own Your Content “(Digital)
  5. Lifetime access to online course materials
  6. Three 1:1 consultations to get you started
  7. Three months of Publio Office Hours

Price: $1495 per personOR  $995 per person (for groups of 2 or more)