In today’s fast-paced era of social media, executive thought leadership in bolstering personal and organizational visibility and credibility are critical. In this episode of SMarketPlace™ Live, hosts Keith Reynolds and Tom Dempsey are joined by Julie Livingston, seasoned publicist and entrepreneur specializing in PR and LinkedIn consultancy through her venture, Want Leverage Communications. Julie discusses her journey into enhancing executive visibility and credibility on LinkedIn, a service that she discovered organically and has since grown into a successful niche for her business.


The Genesis of a Thought Leadership Strategy


Julie Livingston’s venture into the domain of executive thought leadership was serendipitous. Her initial endeavor to amplify her LinkedIn presence for business development unknowingly laid the foundation for her future consultancy in executive visibility. The pivotal moment came when a colleague, impressed by Julie’s engaging content on LinkedIn, reached out to her for assistance in elevating the executive presence of a leader within a Fortune 50 company. This unexpected turn of events highlighted the untapped potential of LinkedIn as a platform for enhancing executive visibility and credibility.



The Power of Content in Executive Visibility


Julie’s prowess in weaving narratives that resonate with a wide audience has fundamentally transformed how executive visibility is perceived and achieved in the digital realm. By prioritizing content that is both informative and engaging, she has turned the traditional model of executive communication on its head. Instead of relying solely on press releases or formal corporate announcements, Julie leverages a more dynamic content strategy. This involves a mix of thought-provoking articles, insightful blog posts, and interactive social media content that invites dialogue. This multifaceted approach ensures that the executive’s voice is not just heard but also felt, fostering a sense of relatability and humanizing the executive persona in the process.



Julie’s method underscores the evolving landscape of thought leadership in the digital age. It’s not merely about having a presence on platforms like LinkedIn; it’s about contributing value through that presence. Her content strategy is tailored to highlight the unique perspectives and expertise of her clients, positioning them as thought leaders in their respective fields. By doing so, she not only amplifies their visibility but also establishes their authority and credibility. This is crucial in a world where information is abundant, but insights from trusted sources are highly valued. Through strategic content dissemination, Julie helps her clients cut through the noise, ensuring their voices are not only heard but also sought after for guidance and inspiration.

Furthermore, Julie’s approach to content creation and distribution illustrates the symbiotic relationship between executive visibility and audience engagement. By crafting content that addresses the needs, challenges, and interests of their audience, executives can engage in meaningful conversations, fostering a community of followers and advocates. This engagement goes beyond mere visibility, creating a platform for executives to influence and lead within their industry. It’s a testament to the power of well-crafted content in building not just visibility but also influence and leadership in the digital age. Through her work, Julie demonstrates that at the heart of effective executive visibility lies the ability to tell a compelling story, one that resonates, inspires, and mobilizes.


The Role of LinkedIn in Shaping Executive Narratives


LinkedIn has emerged as a critical platform for executives seeking to enhance their visibility and credibility, as exemplified by Julie’s journey into leveraging LinkedIn for executive thought leadership. Her unexpected foray into this realm about five years ago, initially aimed at expanding her client base, led to a transformative realization of the platform’s potential. Julie’s consistent posting and strategic engagement on LinkedIn not only revived her professional presence but also attracted the attention of a colleague from years past. This colleague, now a VP of corporate communications at a Fortune 50 company, sought Julie’s expertise to elevate the executive visibility of a key leader within their organization. Julie’s success in this endeavor, marked by a substantial increase in the leader’s LinkedIn following and active engagement within the company’s community, underscores the platform’s unique capacity to foster connections and reshape perceptions within corporate environments.

Through Julie’s experience, it becomes evident that executives can effectively position themselves as thought leaders on LinkedIn by actively contributing to conversations, sharing industry insights, and highlighting their achievements. The impact extends beyond personal branding, as evidenced by the transformation of the corporate leader’s image from elusive to approachable, fostering genuine dialogue and community-building within a vast organizational landscape. Julie’s journey serves as a testament to the power of strategic LinkedIn engagement in not only enhancing individual visibility but also in cultivating a culture of openness and collaboration within corporate hierarchies. As executives embrace the platform’s potential, they can harness it as a dynamic tool for thought leadership, fostering connections with peers, industry counterparts, and broader audiences alike.


Building Community and Fostering Engagement


Julie’s success in fostering vibrant communities around executives’ personal brands on LinkedIn exemplifies her strategic focus on community building and engagement. Through her efforts, she has facilitated meaningful interactions and discussions among professionals within and beyond the organization, transforming the platform into a dynamic hub for industry dialogue and collaboration. By leveraging LinkedIn as a tool for fostering connections and facilitating dialogue, Julie has helped executives transcend traditional boundaries, enabling them to be perceived not only as leaders but also as accessible and approachable individuals committed to advancing their field.

The impact of Julie’s approach is evident in the transformation of executives’ perceptions within their organizations. From being perceived as distant figures to approachable leaders, the executives Julie works with have seen a remarkable shift in how they are viewed by their peers and subordinates. This newfound accessibility and openness to dialogue not only enhance their personal brands but also contribute to a culture of transparency and collaboration within the organization. Julie’s emphasis on community building and engagement underscores the importance of authenticity and genuine connection in establishing executive thought leadership on LinkedIn, ultimately reinforcing credibility and visibility in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


The Impact of Thought Leadership on Organizational Culture


Beyond personal branding and visibility, executive thought leadership has profound implications for organizational culture and talent management. Julie’s work highlights how thought leadership can serve as a catalyst for fostering a sense of community and belonging within organizations. Executives who actively engage in thought leadership not only elevate their profiles but also contribute to creating a more inclusive, collaborative, and innovative organizational culture.


Tailoring Thought Leadership to Individual Needs


One of the key takeaways from Julie’s journey is the bespoke nature of thought leadership strategies. Each executive’s path to visibility and credibility is unique, shaped by their industry, organizational culture, personal brand, and objectives. Tailoring content, engagement strategies, and platforms to align with these individual needs and goals is crucial for maximizing the impact of executive thought leadership efforts.


The Synergy between Thought Leadership and Career Growth


The strategic pursuit of thought leadership is closely linked to career growth and opportunities. Executives who successfully establish themselves as thought leaders not only enhance their visibility within their current roles but also open doors to new opportunities. Thought leadership can lead to invitations to speak at industry events, collaborations with peers, and recognition as experts in their field, all of which contribute to career advancement and professional development.


Julie Livingston’s Unforgettable Night with Carly Simon


Julie Livingston’s emotional connection to rock and roll transcends mere musical preference, diving deep into the realm of personal experience and profound moments that shape one’s identity. Her encounter at a Carly Simon concert, set in the intimate and legendary venue of the Bottom Line in New York City’s Greenwich Village, exemplifies the unique way rock and roll can intertwine with life’s serendipitous events to forge unforgettable memories.

Amid the pouring rain, Julie’s determination had her waiting in line for hours, fueled by the anticipation of witnessing Carly Simon’s performance. her persistence paid off, not just in securing entry to the sold-out show, but also in the unexpected encounters that followed. The experience of walking past icons like Billy Joel, Diane Keaton, Warren Beatty, and even Art Garfunkel on her way to the restroom is a testament to the communal and unifying spirit of rock and roll. These moments, where music and serendipity collide, highlight the unexpected connections and shared experiences that music, especially rock and roll, can facilitate.

The emotional impact of this experience is heightened by the setting—a small, iconic venue known for its history of launching the careers of numerous music legends. This backdrop, coupled with the presence of music and Hollywood royalty, added layers of awe and surrealism to Julie’s concert experience. The concert itself, featuring Carly Simon’s heartfelt performance and a surprise appearance by James Taylor, turned an ordinary night into an extraordinary memory, imbued with the magic that only live music in a storied venue can conjure.

Julie’s story captures the essence of rock and roll’s impact beyond the music—it’s about the moments of unexpected joy, the shared experiences with strangers who feel like friends, and the way music can anchor us to a time, a place, and a feeling. Her emotional connection to rock and roll, like others on SMarketPlace™, is a vivid reminder of the power of music to transcend the ordinary, to connect us with others, and to leave us with memories that resonate deeply within our personal narratives.


Build Visibility and Credibility


Julie Livingston’s journey from a publicist enhancing her LinkedIn presence to a sought-after consultant in executive thought leadership encapsulates the transformative potential of strategic thought leadership. Her story serves as a blueprint for executives aiming to elevate their visibility and credibility in the digital age. By embracing content creation, engaging with their communities, and leveraging platforms like LinkedIn, executives can establish themselves as thought leaders, contributing not only to their personal brand but also to the growth and innovation of their organizations.

In navigating the path to thought leadership, executives must remain authentic, strategic, and adaptable, continuously refining their approaches to resonate with their evolving audiences and industry landscapes. The journey to thought leadership is ongoing, requiring commitment, creativity, and a deep understanding of the value of visibility and credibility in today’s interconnected world.


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