Imagine building the confidence to live a life where your personal and professional goals aren’t just dreams but tangible realities. 

In the latest episode of SMarketPlace™ Live, we had the pleasure of speaking with Keegan Schaefer, a transformative sales coach, the mastermind behind Tribal Stoics and co-founder of Good Business Karma Networking. Keegan’s profound journey from overcoming personal adversity to becoming a beacon of hope and guidance for others is nothing short of inspiring. 


With a unique blend of personal development strategies, emotional intelligence coaching, and a rock ‘n’ roll ethos inspired by Jimi Hendrix, Keegan empowers individuals to unlock their full potential and achieve their most ambitious goals. It was enlightening to hear Keegan share his insights on leveraging personal experiences, building resilience, and fostering a supportive community to drive personal and professional success.



This abundance is the life Keegan Schaefer envisions for his clients as he helps them develop the mindset to achieve their goals. Let’s dive into his philosophy and see how building confidence, resilience, and community can lead to a purpose-driven life.


Building Confidence and Resilience: The Foundation of Success


Building Confidence Through Experience


Confidence is everything. It’s the spark that ignites success in all areas of life. Keegan’s journey is a testament to this. At 20, he bought a one-way ticket to Hawaii with no contacts and no plan. Homeless for a time, he lived on beaches until he found a friend and rebuilt his life. This bold move forced him to rely on inner strength and resilience, ultimately building the confidence that would shape his future success.


Building Confidence by Overcoming Adversity


Early in his career, Keegan shattered sales records and gained confidence through a supportive culture. These experiences taught him resilience—the ability to bounce back from setbacks. As Keegan puts it, “The skills I learned as a 17-year-old kid, breaking records in sales, gave me fortitude and time management.” These are not just survival skills; they are the bedrock of success.



Sublime Song Memory


One of Keegan’s vivid memories is tied to a feeling of freedom and possibility. He recalls, “I had this premonition of being in this gray Camry. It was in the nineties. I was with my mom and we’re driving down the road and this Sublime song came on and it was a hot summer day. It was, it must’ve been like July or August, something like that.” 



His memory illustrates how powerful and evocative experiences can shape our perspectives and fuel our confidence. Keegan explains how this memory stuck with him, emphasizing the importance of leveraging personal experiences and emotions in sales and marketing. “It’s like leveraging a feeling. It’s like an emotion… transitioning the marketing and the sales side into what I’m doing… Everybody has a unique journey. A unique story. It’s about leveraging that story with your gifts, your experiences and using that to impact the lives of other people.”


Personal Development: Mastering Oneself Builds Confidence 


Eliminating Limiting Beliefs


Limiting beliefs are like invisible chains holding you back, subtly sabotaging your potential and dampening your aspirations. These are the deep-seated, often subconscious thoughts that tell you, “I can’t do this,” or “I’m not good enough.” They originate from past experiences, societal norms, or negative self-talk, and they can be incredibly destructive. Keegan’s coaching process begins with identifying these mental roadblocks. Through a series of introspective exercises and candid conversations, he helps clients bring these hidden beliefs to the surface. This is the first and most critical step in transforming one’s mindset, as awareness is the precursor to change.

Once these limiting beliefs are exposed, the real work begins. Keegan guides his clients in confronting these negative thoughts head-on, challenging their validity and replacing them with empowering beliefs. This process requires a deep level of self-reflection and honesty. It’s about facing fears, questioning long-held assumptions, and reprogramming the mind to think positively and constructively. By doing so, clients begin to unlock new levels of achievement, discovering strengths and capabilities they never knew they had. Keegan’s approach ensures that this transformation is not just a fleeting change but a lasting shift in mindset, enabling individuals to emerge stronger, more confident, and ready to tackle their goals with renewed vigor.



Developing Emotional Intelligence


Emotional intelligence (EQ) is a game-changer. It’s the secret sauce that can take your personal and professional life from good to extraordinary. High EQ means understanding and managing your own emotions while effectively empathizing with others. Imagine navigating tricky interpersonal dynamics with ease, turning potential conflicts into collaborative opportunities. Keegan’s coaching on emotional intelligence dives deep into these skills, helping you master them. As you enhance your EQ, you’ll notice your relationships becoming richer and more fulfilling. Plus, in the professional arena, improved EQ translates to more effective leadership, greater team cohesion, and, ultimately, enhanced success.


Cultivating a Growth Mindset


A growth mindset is the belief that abilities and intelligence can be developed through dedication and hard work. Keegan is a huge advocate for this. It fosters resilience, encourages learning from mistakes, and fuels a passion for continuous improvement. His own transformation from a struggling young adult to a successful coach exemplifies the power of a growth mindset.


Community and Support: The Power of Togetherness


Tribal Stoics: A Brotherhood of Growth


Keegan’s creation of Tribal Stoics provides a platform for male service-based business owners. Here, they explore stoicism and its timeless lessons. This community focuses on clarity, purpose, self-improvement, and inner peace. Members support each other through shared wisdom and encouragement.


Building a Supportive Network


Being part of a supportive community is crucial for growth. Keegan emphasizes the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who provide encouragement, accountability, and shared knowledge. This network not only helps overcome challenges but also fosters a sense of belonging.


Practical Skills and Strategy for Building Confidence: Tools for Transformation


Personalized Coaching Sessions


Keegan’s 1-on-1 coaching sessions are highly personalized, focusing on specific goals and challenges. These sessions provide tailored strategies for success, whether it’s doubling income, enhancing communication skills, or stabilizing personal relationships. 

On his website, Lisa Piazza testifies, “Keegan is not only a wonderful human being, he is an incredible, life-changing coach who lives and breathes personal development. He is authentic, empathetic, personable, and one of the most positive people I have ever met.”


Strategic Thinking and Time Management


Practical skills like strategic thinking and time management are essential for achieving goals. Keegan’s coaching includes techniques for effectively managing time, setting priorities, and developing clear, actionable plans. These skills help clients stay focused and productive, making steady progress towards their objectives and growing their business.

With achievement comes confidence. 


Purpose-Driven Life: Aligning Talents and Mission


Discovering Your Purpose


Keegan stresses the importance of living a purpose-driven life. This involves discovering and aligning your talents, skills, and experiences with a larger mission. His book, “Selfish to Selfless: 5 Pillars to Fulfillment Through Purpose,” guides readers through this process, helping them find meaning and direction.


The Five Pillars of Fulfillment


In his book, Keegan outlines five key areas for a fulfilling life: body, mind, relationships, spirit, and purpose. By focusing energy on each pillar, individuals can achieve a balanced, purpose-driven life. This holistic approach ensures that all aspects of life are aligned with their overall mission and goals.


Creating a Legacy


True success involves creating a legacy that positively impacts others. By helping clients unlock their full potential, Keegan enables them to make meaningful contributions to the world. This legacy of positive change and growth is a testament to the power of living a purpose-driven life.



The Heartbeat of His Existence: Keegan’s Connection to Rock ‘n’ Roll


Keegan Schaefer’s love of music is more than a pastime; it is the heartbeat of his existence. It was no surprise that he revealed his favorite rocker is Jimi Hendrix. 


Hawaii Adventure: Embracing Challenges


At the age of 20, Keegan bought a one-way ticket to Hawaii without knowing anyone there. This bold move resulted in him being homeless for a while, living on beaches until he found a friend and rebuilt his life. During this time, Keegan stumbled upon a music shop and bought his dream guitar, a pearl-handled Fender Strat. He reflects, “I love the Fender Strat. And one day, you know, after I had recouped and, and, and really built some things back up when I was in Hawaii. I stumbled across this music shop and they had this pearl handled Fender Strat. That was like my dream guitar.”

He still has the white Fender Strat today. 



From his earliest memories, the raw energy and profound emotion of rock music have mirrored Keegan’s life’s highs and lows. He recalls pivotal moments where music wasn’t just a backdrop but a guiding star—as when the Sublime song blared through the speakers on that scorching summer day, planting the seed of a memory for a sense of freedom and boundless possibility in his mind. Memories are more than nostalgia; they are the fuel that drives our relentless pursuit of personal and professional excellence because they are who we are.


Concert Experience: Support in Action


The importance of support, friendship, and creating memorable experiences cannot be underestimated. Keegan shares an experience with his friend Mike, who had gone through a breakup and had concert tickets to see 30 Seconds to Mars. Despite being busy with finals, Keegan decided to accompany Mike to the concert. They were invited on stage to sing a song with the band, creating an unforgettable memory. 

Keegan recalls, “I grabbed Mike. He and I go around the back, we come up on stage and we sing their song, “Kings and Queens” with them on the stage live.” Keegan received a guitar pick and a drumstick, which he later gave to Mike as a keepsake. 




This rock ‘n’ roll attitude is not a mere affectation for Keegan; it is his ethos. During his audacious move to Hawaii, where he found himself homeless and struggling, music was his steadfast companion. The discovery of the pearl-handled Fender Strat in a local music shop wasn’t just a lucky find—it was a beacon of hope, a symbol of his resilience. That guitar represented more than an instrument; it was a testament to his unyielding spirit and determination to rebuild his life, no matter the odds. 

Keegan’s bond with music is an essential part of his identity that transcends mere enjoyment. It’s his voice, his solace, and his bridge to others. He doesn’t just listen to rock ‘n’ roll; he lives it, breathes it, and lets it shape his every action. This spirit of rock ‘n’ roll—marked by courage, authenticity, and an unrelenting drive to chase dreams—infuses every aspect of his life and work. 

Keegan’s story is a testament to the transformative power of passion and resilience. By embracing the raw, untamed spirit of rock ‘n’ roll, he has turned challenges into triumphs and dreams into reality. 


Building Confidence In Others 


Coach Keeg’s philosophy of personal development, professional success, and community building offers a comprehensive blueprint for achieving your goals. By focusing on confidence, resilience, personal development, community support, practical skills, and a purpose-driven life, Keegan empowers individuals to unlock their full potential and create lasting change. His journey, filled with challenges and triumphs, serves as an inspiring example of what’s possible when these principles are applied.


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