Over the past 10 years, Chris Mateo, CEO iDayDream Studios has grown a following of over 5,000 entrepreneurs, marketed and sold hundreds of thousands of records, millions in revenue in the B2B food industry, popularized a concept called “Profit Off Your Passion” to motivate people, and he co-founded a Digital Media Agency called iDayDream Studios, helping thousands of entrepreneurs get their message out to market in a creative and dynamic way.

Chris is known across social media platforms as @motivational_chris because his mission is to motivate and inspire people to reach for their dreams!

Chris joined us recently to discuss his experience as a CEO for a company creating digital content for clients and how he’s developed fans and clients from around the world. Chris and his team have been BIG supporters of Publio ever since reading The New Content Culture

Check out Chris’ knowledge, passion, and motivational messages we discussed in the video below. You can read his full bio here.

Shout Out to KennyV

Chris’ cousin, KennyV heads up production at the studio. He is a master creative and a leader of teams. He does not know the word “NO” and always has a creative solution. You see his work in many of our initiatives.

Here is his adaption of our logo for our new podcast:

The Publio Podcast

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