The pandemic forced business, nonprofit, and government leaders to rethink their strategies – pushing digital transformation to the forefront. Digital adaptation in all areas of business has soared – even for small and midsize organizations.

Indeed, COVID has changed the world in ways that few people imagined just three years ago. 

Digital transformation connects networking – and all your business cards – directly to your CRM.

Consider your networking activities as a business leader.

So, the question is what kind of tools are best for your business? 

“Everyone clamored to get back out into the real world to trade shows, events, and other person-to-person experiences,” Seth Kaplan, co-founder, and chief growth officer at Win Local said in this episode of the Publio Podcast.

One unexpected result of the lockdown we all experienced is the realization that community and conversation are the new content. Kaplan and his co-founder realized that people need a platform that can move these real-world interactions into digital communications channels.  

The result of their efforts is ShareCard, a digital business card that allows you to share your contact information via SMS, QR Code, NFC Tags, and the web. Each time you share your card, the recipient is instantly added to your CRM for re-engagement.

The takeaway: When you use ShareCard in-person or virtually – such as webinars, Roundtables, or customer events – you keep the conversation going both online and off. No keying in a pile of cards. Fewer missed opportunities. 

There’s a huge shift away from the paper business card. 

How Does WinLocal’s ShareCard Work?

When you exchange the first contact information with the ShareCard, QR code or branded text code, everything goes into your database. Now you can bring in other sources of data, connect to your CRM and run any number of targeted campaigns on email or social media. 

How easy is it? Text “SETH” to 88500; or “Publio” to 88500 and see how Seth and Publio CEO Keith Reynolds use Win Local to begin their engagements. 

Kaplan uses the example of a hypothetical dental practice. The business manager wants to keep the practice (and the doctors) top of mind with the patient throughout the year. Automated email and social media campaigns can place content – a newsletter, dental tips of the month – in front of their patients. Then, when they get the postcards about free whitening from other dentists, this practice has already touched patients some six times since the last appointment. The practice is developing trust and familiarity with their patients, thereby reducing churn nd generating more business. .

2 Things to Know When You Bring Digital Transformation to Sales Teams

Just Get Started. “You don’t have to have the best content. You don’t have to have professionally done videos or photos,” Kaplan explained. “The most important thing is getting started. You want people to see you where they’re spending their time and energy. The campaign doesn’t have to be perfect, and it probably won’t be perfect. But being there is better than not being there.” 

Human Behavior Has Changed: Analog business cards don’t cut it anymore because human behavior has changed drastically. Fewer customer contacts are face-to-face. They’re over the phone, video conferences, text messages and social media. Even when you are in-person, Seth pointed out, “…we need a business card experience that is more in line with our current human behavior, which is to text, or email, or store information on our phones. ShareCard capitalizes on all these human behaviors.”

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