In our recently launched Encaptify series, Publio is collaborating with partner encaptiv to apply the Publisher’s M.O. toward conceptualizing, marketing and implementing any profitable event.

Articulating one’s core message amid an endless stream of virtual content and interactions has become more challenging than ever. How often have you found yourself mindlessly scrolling a news feed or zoning out minutes into viewing a presentation? If you’re promoting a product or service, you know that failure to capture a customer’s attention within as little as mere seconds can translate to missed sales and revenue opportunities with impacts on your bottom line.

The most recent Encaptify session centered around this challenge in a presentation and discussion on the topic, “Marketing Your Event: Getting Butts in Seats and Eyes on Screens.”

The session featured Stefanie Pinsley, founder Roadmap to Rise, a personal brand coaching company that helps clients unleash their power and potential. Stefanie recommended best practices for attracting, building and sustaining an audience leading up to, during and following an event. She shared three key ideas to bolster your event’s attendance:

  1. Build Anticipation – Release event details in a sequence of announcements leading up to the event.
  2. Zero in on Pain Points – Highlight your target personas’ needs and pain points that your presentation will cover.
  3. Act like a PR Agent – Contact podcasts, local media outlets and industry and trade associations to maximize your event’s reach.

Review Stefanie’s full set of suggestions in the session recording:


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