As critical decision makers, senior executives are the target of any B2B sales organization. Not coincidentally, their time is in high demand, and they have layers of people who protect them from cold calls. How can you effectively capture their attention and interest to secure an initial meeting?


(HINT: The answer may lie in hosting a roundtable event using new cloud and AI lead generation technology.)


Roundtables attract senior leaders because they focus on the pain points that senior leaders must address in their organizations. The event leaders are recognized experts on a topic who present key insights. After that, they open the floor with pointed questions for the roundtable attendees.

Each attendee speaks from their own experience and expertise. Suddenly, solutions to common problems emerge – what to do, or how to do it. As a result, attendees will go home with actionable ideas ready to address their next business question. Furthermore, because participants’ primary motivation is to share and acquire knowledge, not secure sales leads, the roundtable fosters an effective environment for capturing customer attention without exerting sales pressure.


Enhance Your Content and Event Strategy in Seven Steps

Understanding the benefits of in-person or virtual executive roundtables: How can your organization align its content and events to attract more qualified leads so your sales force can close more deals?


Publio has partnered with event technology provider encaptiv to launch Encaptify, a seven-part roundtable series highlighting best practices for aligning content and event strategies. Each interactive session will reflect a component of Publio’s seven-pillar Publisher’s M.O. and include guest experts from various industries who will share their stories, knowledge, and insights.

The kickoff event featured Isabella Wang, futurist, entrepreneur, speaker, and author of “The Digital Mind of Tomorrow.See what Isabella had to say in her opening remarks:



Each live virtual roundtable concludes with a 30-minute networking session where attendees can converse with fellow roundtable members, the hosts, and the guest expert. While you can watch the presentation at any time, you must attend the live event in order to participate in the networking and roundtable discussions.

Our next session, Content Strategy Meets Event Strategy, is with video and content strategist, Sheryl Plouffe. Check out Plouffe’s recent interview featuring Publio founder Keith Reynolds, along with the full Encaptify series schedule:

Visit to register for the series (One registration grants access to all seven events!) or click the embedded episode links directly to connect to each live session and its recording. We hope to see you in the sessions!