For the discerning B2B buyer, where every second counts, engaging and effective digital communication is a critical business strategy. Businesses are increasingly turning towards video marketing to capture their audience’s attention, convey their message effectively, and ultimately drive more engagement.

Our latest conversation with Rob Weiss, President Sales & Marketing at MultiVision Digital, provides a wealth of information about video marketing strategy. Rob is a seasoned entrepreneur, and marketing guru, and he sheds light on the transformative power of a well-executed video marketing strategy and how it can propel a business to new heights.


The Evolution of Video Marketing


Video is on an adoption curve similar to what we witnessed with websites, email marketing, SEO, and social media in their nascent stages. Yet, as every marketer now concedes, those digital marketing tactics have morphed from luxuries to absolute necessities. Video marketing is hurtling down the same path, though it seems to linger at a crossroads. As Rob Weiss notes, “We’re probably at a 3 or 4 on a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of video adoption.”



Rob Weiss’s insights into the video marketing landscape, culled from a decade of experience, highlight a pivotal shift: video is no longer just a nice-to-have but a crucial part of a comprehensive content strategy. Its ability to adapt and fit into various facets of marketing – from recruitment to sales – underscores its versatile and indispensable nature.


Why Video Marketing?


The potency of video lies not just in its ability to convey information but in its unparalleled capacity to engage. In an era where attention is a prized commodity, video stands out as the medium most likely to capture and hold that attention. Rob Weiss passionately narrates the strategic depth of video marketing, beyond its apparent capabilities. “Video is engaging… it’s the most engaging form of content on a digital platform,” he explains.



One remarkable strategic approach is the use of a high-level overview video supplemented by deeper dives through FAQs or additional thematic videos. This tactic not only broadens the reach and deepens the impact of your message but also assists in seamlessly pushing the audience further down the sales funnel. Weiss states, “We’re giving buyers the information they need to make a decision about that organization or product.”


Building a Video Strategy: Beyond the Basics


The most successful video marketing strategies transcend simple content creation. They require meticulous planning, a robust understanding of the target audience, and an unwavering focus on the end goal. Rob Weiss emphasizes the importance of pre-production – where the plans are drawn, roles defined, and objectives set. “Pre-production is critical because, in video production, as in all carefully laid plans, things seldom go entirely according to script,” he asserts.



Case studies presented during the conversation vividly illustrate how wise investment in video content can furnish an entire portfolio of marketing assets. For example, a singular project might yield a high-level sales video along with multiple follow-up pieces that address specific customer queries or concerns, thus enriching the company’s marketing mix while optimizing spend. “We’re going to ask the client those questions and be able to capture that content, even though we might not use part of that content in that initial project for that location, at least we have that in the can and then we can pull that out,” Weiss elaborates.

To see the diverse and impactful work Rob has produced, you can explore Multivision Digital’s portfolio.


Engaging, Not Just Informing


A prevailing myth around video content is its supposed need to revolve around storytelling. However, as Rob clarifies, while storytelling can be a significant component, the essence of valuable video content lies in its ability to engage and inform. “There are a lot of myths out there that video always has to be a story. Tell me a story. Tell me a story. Tell me a story. And yes, a lot of times that’s correct. But in this case, there’s really no story here,” Weiss points out.



This approach is especially impactful in the B2B sector, where buying decisions are often scrutinized and deliberated upon at length. Video content that lays out information plainly, supported by facts and testimonials, can make a powerful case more effectively than the slickest of sales pitches. “We’re really just giving a buyer information about what they need to know in order to make a decision about that organization, about that product,” he adds.


For more in-depth insights and strategies, Rob Weiss offers a comprehensive ebook on video strategy, “Video Production & Marketing Tips to Help Businesses in their Video Journey,” a Three-Part series on business video production and marketing tips: from strategy to budgeting to marketing video content.

  1. Building A Case For Business Video Strategy
  2. Corporate Video Marketing Tips: Strategy, Budgeting, And Marketing
  3. Getting The Most Bang For Your Video Marketing Buck


The Future of Video Marketing

Looking ahead, the landscape of video marketing is ripe with possibilities. Integrations with CRM systems, AI enhancements for content creation, and the burgeoning role of video in SEO are just the beginning. The ability to track, analyze, and act on video engagement data is transforming video from a one-way communication channel into a dynamic engagement tool that can lead directly to conversions.

Rob’s approach involves leveraging video content to create a cohesive marketing ecosystem. He emphasizes repurposing video content across various digital channels, enhancing SEO, and integrating videos with CRM systems for personalized communication and engagement tracking. “We’re also doing personalized videos as well. So we’ve done that a few times where we’re actually taking data that we have in the CRM and baking that into the video itself,” Weiss explains.

To see how video can specifically enhance the manufacturing sector, visit his website, Video for Manufacturing.


Trusting the Process


Rob encourages clients to trust the video production process. He shares examples of clients who initially struggled on camera but improved significantly over time with practice and trust in the process. “Think about the rock and roll bands, right? I guarantee you go to a concert and those bands have messed up and  they know they messed up, but you don’t know they messed up because they play right through it. And that’s the sign of a professional ,” he reflects. This analogy underscores his belief in the importance of authenticity and adaptability, advocating for video content that resonates with audiences even if it’s not perfect.



A Passion for Rock and Roll


Rob Weiss’s enthusiasm for rock and roll transcends his professional life, deeply influencing his approach to video marketing and production. Growing up in Philadelphia, he was surrounded by classic rock stations like 93.3 and 94.1, which fueled his passion for music. 

We used to stop by Jimmy, uh, who was a scalper at the time when there was actually hard tickets and like, literally we would just be hanging out on a Wednesday or a Saturday. Like, Oh, like, uh, Bad Company in Deep Purple, do you want to go?”



This early exposure led him to attend countless concerts, ranging from Pink Floyd to The Who, and even scalping tickets to catch shows on a whim. Rob’s love for live music is unwavering, as he continues to enjoy performances from legendary bands like the Rolling Stones and upcoming shows with Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons.

This passion for rock and roll is not just a hobby but a source of inspiration and creativity in his work. Rob draws parallels between the spontaneity and resilience of live performances and the dynamic nature of video production. He reflects, “Think about the rock bands… they mess up all the time, but we don’t see it because they play right through it.” This mindset underscores his belief in the importance of authenticity and adaptability, advocating for video content that resonates with audiences even if it’s not perfect.

Rob’s concert experiences have also become multi-generational family events, sharing his love for music with his children and his father. He fondly recalls taking his entire family to see iconic performers, creating lasting memories and reinforcing the universal appeal of music. These experiences not only enrich his personal life but also inform his professional ethos, emphasizing the power of connection and storytelling, whether through a live concert or a compelling video.


It’s About Being Real


As we traverse deeper into the digital age, video marketing emerges not just as a trend but as an essential, multifaceted strategy that businesses need to leverage. With insights from experts like Rob Weiss, businesses can navigate this complex terrain with a clear vision and a strategic mindset geared towards future adoption and innovation.

Rob’s parting thoughts serve as a reminder of the inherent power of video: “It’s not about being perfect, but just to be real.” In video marketing, as in music, engagement, connection, and authenticity are paramount. It’s about trusting the process, embracing innovation, and always aiming for resonance with your audience.


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