The best podcasts emulate their predecessor radio and talk shows: They feature fascinating conversations, gripping stories and post-production add-ons that tickle the listener’s brain. Chances are, you already have these kinds of conversations with employees, peers, and contacts in and out of your industry. Why not make them part of your business development routine?

Conversations with leaders and influencers build your authority and name recognition to generate leads, referrals, and speaking engagements. 

The best way to use podcasts as a form of content is by inviting guests who can offer valuable insights and perspectives. You’ve likely been in at least a few conversations that excited you, sparked ideas and gave you permission to pursue an entirely new direction. Not only do you have the opportunity to offer conversations like this up to your audience, but by spending time with your guest, you will have the opportunity to establish a new networking connection and build a database of experts. This will help you create meaningful relationships that will lead to better networking opportunities in the future and ultimately more business opportunities for your company.

The Cash In On Camera Podcast

That thinking is on display in Sheryl Plouffe’s Cash in on Camera podcast. Her “editless” podcast streams live, bringing guests to her online show on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and more without any editing of the material to save time and effort for all. This simple act opens the door to relationships with people that you might not have been able to otherwise approach, because you have a platform where they can speak about a topic that’s important to them. 

“If this [podcast] is helpful to them, then we begin building our relationship on a great note,” Plouffe said.

“The beauty of this idea is that you’re not approaching someone as a sales rep,” Publio Founder and Podcast host Keith Reynolds said.”You’re offering a way to collaborate that aligns with your guest’s needs. It’s a great way to continue the conversation and build a relationship.”

“One of the things that I do in my podcast, after the fact, is to see if I can build a client relationship or get good referrals, such as other prospects or speaking engagements,” Plouffe pointed out.

Podcasts are an excellent way to build relationships with potential customers and partners. It’s a great platform to have conversations and share valuable insights with your guests. However, it is important to understand that the success of a podcast should not be measured by whether it goes viral or not. Instead, focus on building meaningful relationships and growing your network over time. This will be more beneficial for your business in the long run than having a one-off viral podcast episode.

This is the big new idea behind monetizing your podcast.

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