I am thrilled to share with you an event that we participated in as a way to preview the release of “The New Content Culture: Think Like a Publisher to Grow Your Business.” Last week, Lorna Bondoc — and the “Robin to my Batman” as I have developed the Publisher’s M.O. over the last two-and-a-half years — presented at Google Business Group Cebu’s “#WomenWill” event. The book itself is an extension of a presentation I have been giving for a couple of years.

I was thrilled to see Lorna present to a roomful and to share our “first pre-edition” with all that attended. In fact, we were able to share the stage, as I welcomed everybody by a video we pre-recorded.

Lorna relayed to me, “We had a mixed audience. we have folks from the Department of Trade and Industry, we have a company that manufactures robotics for kids, financial services, food, travel, etc. By all accounts, it was very well received.”

I had no doubt it would be. Working with Lorna all these years, I know she is a rock star.

And here is what some in the audience had to say…


Thank you so much for that amazing talk.” ~ Kris D.

I’m an aspiring content writer and am so glad I attended the event and met you… You’re awesome, thank you for sharing your knowledge and I am looking forward to seeing you again in the next GBG event. I’m excited to read your book.” ~ Sharah T.


Just wanted to thank you for yesterday’s talk and also the eye-opening tips. I went home and felt like a kid who went home with a bag of goodies. We really appreciate it. We are currently doing the mind map that you told us yesterday.” ~ Marjorie C.


I attended the workshop about Content Marketing last Saturday, June 1st, about “The Publisher’s M.O. I am excited to learn a lot more and hope to achieve the results of this ‘Content Culture’ by following the ‘7+7 Buckets’. “ ~ Jules Y


Thank you all who attended for joining us… Below are some pictures from the event… There’s me up on the screen and there is Lorna in her official New Content Culture colors.

I look forward to releasing the book for real in a few weeks to help others grow THEIR business in The New Content Culture… Hope you will join us!