Stamford, Connecticut — Publio, a newly launched digital strategy, marketing consulting and talent development firm focused on programming for Content Hubs, has appointed Lorna Bondoc, Candice Enriquez, and Dan Nardo as Founding Advisors. Bondoc, Enriquez, and Nardo will also serve on the firm’s leadership team as Chief Brand Officer, Chief Talent Officer, and Chief Financial Officer.

“I am pleased to welcome Lorna, Candice, and Dan as Founding Advisors.” said Keith Reynolds, Founder and CEO of Publio. “Each of them brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the team that will support our rapid growth, and achieve important milestones for the firm.”

Bondoc, also CEO of YOVEO Digital, brings diverse expertise in branding, marketing, and outsourcing. As Chief Brand Officer, she will be responsible for the brand’s image, experience, and promise. Bondoc will also serve on client-facing teams focused on Content Hub branding, communications, and marketing automation efforts.

Enriquez, a seasoned talent executive, brings deep expertise in talent acquisition, culture, and leadership. As Chief Talent Officer, she will steward the recruitment of high-caliber talent for the firm and its clients, while serving as a principal consultant on client facing teams. Enriquez also develops and co-teaches a series of Content Hub workshops.  

Nardo, also Managing Director of Nardo & Associates, brings broad expertise in finance, strategy, and management. As Chief Financial Officer, he will lead Publio’s financial strategy, corporate development, and investor relations.

“Our core team has worked together for years, delivering highly targeted Content Hubs to brands that recognize we are living in The New Content Culture™,“ Reynolds remarked. “With The Publishers M.O.™ methodology, we have developed a system of easy to learn ‘buckets’ that guide content marketing teams in quickly get their content marketing programs up and running with defined business goals, thereby reducing risk.”

Reynolds, once dubbed “The Content Hub Guy” by a colleague, has produced more than 100 websites in his career and has focused on journalistic quality Content Hubs since 2010. From strategy to editorial, to development, creative talent, technical support, training, promotion, and search engine optimization, Content Hubs enable marketers the ability to build and staff sustainable, ROI-focused demand generation platforms on a range of industry-leading marketing automation and customer relationship management platforms by concentrating and leveraging marketing investments.

Publio is also developing proprietary software and content to support clients’ efforts, and surround them with the critical resources they need to deliver digital marketing success to stakeholders.


Keith R. Reynolds, Founder & CEO

Tel: 203-978-1141 x700

Email: [email protected]

About Publio

Publio uses The Publishers M.O.™, a strategy and implementation-to-scale Content Hub publishing methodology. The company is a full-service digital strategy, marketing consulting and talent development firm committed to delivering unparalleled ROI to clients with highly targeted and sustainable Content Hub demand generation programs.