In the world of business, there’s an intricate relationship between the owner/CEO and the sales and marketing team’s efforts. How does one achieve the elusive sales and marketing alignment required to build and serve your customer audience? Like a well-rehearsed symphony, when all the elements are in harmony, the results are extraordinary. 

In this episode of the Publio Podcast, we explore sales and marketing alignment strategies and other B2B insights with Brian Basilico. 

Brian Basilico and Keith Reynolds on the Publio Podcast

Sales and Marketing Alignment: Orchestrating A Symphony of Success for Owners and CEOs

Brian is a fractional CMO with expertise in digital marketing and social media strategies. He helps businesses navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape and develop effective marketing approaches to achieve their goals. Brian is the founder of B2b Interactive Marketing and host of The Bacon Podcast – Marketing Tips To Make Your Business Sizzle Online!


Sales and Marketing Alignment: The Power of Cohesion

Imagine your business as a finely tuned orchestra, with each member playing their instrument flawlessly. The owner sets the tempo, the sales team strikes the chords, and marketing delivers the melodious tunes. When these components work together seamlessly, the resulting sales and marketing alignment is a captivating performance that leaves your audience spellbound.

To forge a strong bond between the owner, sales team, and marketing, it all starts with open communication and shared goals. The owner must lead the charge, embracing innovation and cultivating a culture of collaboration. That is often facilitated by a CMO with years of experience and a system, like Brian. 


The Bacon System – Your Winning Edge

Brian Basilico Book Image

Brian Basilico:   The Bacon System

Brian’s Bacon System comprises three key components: The Marketing Trifecta, Content Generation, and Online Distribution. Together, they drive measurable internet engagement and generate new business.

Bonus: Listen to this episode of the Publio Podcast introduction to find out what the acronym, B.A.C.O.N. actually means. 


This is the Bacon-branded system:

  1. The Marketing Trifecta identifies target clients and their online presence, boosting website traffic through content marketing.
  2. Content Generation empowers businesses to create tailored content via blogging, video, or audio platforms, connecting with their ideal customers.
  3. Online Distribution leverages email marketing and social media to drive traffic back into the Marketing Trifecta, facilitating effective communication with target customers.

With the Bacon System, businesses optimize internet engagement, amplify their online presence, and forge valuable connections with customers.

Here are some of the highlights from our conversation:


The Sales And Marketing Alignment Goal: Captivate Audiences and Build Relationships

In B2B sales, collaboration is key. With multiple decision-makers involved. Consumer-inspired ideas offer a transformative approach. B2B transactions have high stakes, such as acquisition costs and ROI, more people are involved and the average sales cycle spans three to nine months. 

B2B marketing encompasses more than just products and services—it involves repairs, thought leadership, and a fusion of personal benefits and business value. By marketing the chapter as a valuable business resource, curiosity is sparked. For instance, “Did you know AMA members stay 30% longer in their jobs?” This messaging can drive traffic to landing pages on a content hub showcasing news, events, and job boards.

B2B marketing like this opens doors to success. Harmonizing personal aspirations with strategic objectives orchestrates triumph. Such consumer-inspired strategies can guide your B2B marketing, helping you to craft captivating experiences for decision-makers.


From Awareness to Conversion: Think Like a B2C Marketer

Consumer marketing excels in creating awareness and capturing attention in a matter of seconds. In the realm of B2B marketing, consumer-focused tactics have made their way into the space. The lines between consumer and business marketing are blurring, thanks to our interconnected world. 

“The average goldfish has an eight-second attention span.” Humans, not much more.

So when you understand that “the eight-second attention span is what is keeping you top of mind, then you can utilize that [insight for advertising and promotions] in the B2B space to do the same thing,” says Basilico. 

Applying this principle to B2B, you can utilize similar strategies to keep your brand top of mind. Brian uses the hypothetical example of assisting the president of a local American Marketing Association. Research reveals that AMA members stay in their jobs 30% longer and earn higher incomes. Picture a campaign that sparks curiosity, such as “Did You Know: Membership Has Its Benefits.” It’s worked before. 

It’s important to remember that B2B is a different ball game from consumer marketing altogether. While you can adapt some consumer techniques, transitioning from traditional B2B marketing to a B2B prosumer guru requires some market research finesse. 


Quality Content: The Key to Audience Engagement

High-quality content plays a crucial role in aligning sales and marketing efforts for businesses today. Brian highlights how such content benefits the sales team by keeping them top of mind: “It’s content that’s out there selling on their behalf. They still have to manage the relationship, but that good quality content maintains their visibility.” Investing in quality content yields long-term advantages, as it becomes a valuable asset: “You have to treat it like that,” emphasizes Brian.

In the realm of modern marketing, Brian underscores the need for fresh and relevant content: “You have to keep going back to the sales team and ask, what are you hearing? Then create content accordingly.”

He points out that businesses often exhaust their ad budgets without tangible outcomes. However, by creating exceptional content, companies gain valuable assets and become masters of their own content kingdoms. Brian encourages repurposing old content to maintain relevance and build upon existing resources.

Creating quality content initiates a flywheel effect. It is an opportunity to generate valuable assets and avoid wasteful spending. By continuously adapting and repurposing content, businesses can maximize their impact and stay ahead in the ever-evolving marketing landscape.


A Systematic Approach is Required for Sales And Marketing Alignment

When entering an organization and embarking on the journey of alignment, it’s crucial to have a systematic approach. Start by defining and understanding your vision. Make a commitment to innovation. Research the competition and bring your team together to evaluate existing strategies – cull what works from what doesn’t. By redirecting resources toward effective channels and managing accountability, you lay the foundation for success.

Brian relayed a great story highlighting the value of taking a systematic approach to aligning sales and marketing: “I had a salesperson who’d had an issue with her LinkedIn profile call me, and she says, ‘I just want to tell you that at a Christmas party, one of my clients came up to me and said, ‘How the hell are you producing all that content on LinkedIn?” And she just said, ‘We’ve got a system.’ It’s all she said.”

“When you have a good system, it’s alignable, repeatable, and tweakable – and tweakable is very important.” 


The Slot Machine Analogy

The path to sales and marketing alignment can often feel like playing a slot machine. However, imagine if you could train the system. Initially, it requires a significant investment of time and effort without immediate returns. As your strategies are fine-tuned and optimized, results begin to surface. That’s how marketing works. 

Gradually, the odds start working in your favor, and the returns multiply. It’s crucial to strike a balance and resist the temptation to do more, at the risk of spreading resources too thin. Economists refer to this as seeking the point of diminishing returns. Instead, the focus should be on maximizing the potential of one or two targeted campaigns rather than pursuing countless initiatives simultaneously. 

Brian’s analogy perfectly captures this journey of alignment, content, and systems. He highlights the transformative power effective strategies can have, stating, “So now every time you put a dollar in, you’re gonna get $15 back.”

The success of one initiative often prompts the desire to expand and create multiple “slot machines” of success. However, Brian advises caution, emphasizing the importance of understanding the timeline and resources required for each endeavor.

Building additional “slot machines” should be approached strategically, ensuring the alignment process remains manageable and effective.


So What? Owner/CEO, Sales Team and Marketing Alignment are the Desired Outcome

You have to publish to build a customer audience. By fostering communication, setting shared goals, and delivering supportive content, you’ll create a cohesive experience that resonates with your audience. By understanding the intricacies of the customer journey, businesses can maximize their investments, avoid overextension, and reap the benefits of long-term success.

Alignment among the owner/CEO, sales team, and marketing is a symphony that requires skilled conductors and dedicated performers. It requires patience, strategic planning, and a focus on quality. Done well, salespeople are part of the content development process to include their ideas and intel from the field to put more effective tools in their hands. 

Remember, this journey of aligning your people, technology, and process is not a sprint but a melodic composition that unfolds gradually. So, step into the limelight, align your resources, and let the harmonious sound of success guide your efforts.


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