The DX, or Differentiated Experience, cuts through your crowded market’s clutter. Every marketer knows this, but few achieve the holy grail of true differentiation for their markets, employees and other stakeholders. But it can be done, according to Stan Phelps. Even in commoditized industries.

Stan Phelps says a consistent expression of your brand helps customers, employees and stakeholders experience your company differently than your competitors. Make it your advantage.

Stan Phelps and Keith Reynolds Discuss Differentiating Customer Experience

“One of the biggest, saddest truths that a lot of people don’t realize is that when somebody is referred to you, they’re upwards of four times as valuable to you as a customer,” Stan Phelps said in the Publio Podcast. “Because they’ve been referred, they will refer twice the amount of people as a traditionally acquired customer.”

Stan Phelps is the best-selling author of the Goldfish Series. He teaches us how to change the marketing paradigm by encouraging audiences to focus on experiences as the ultimate competitive differentiator. He calls it the differentiated experience (DX), which wins the hearts of employees and customers and ultimately boosts loyalty, retention, referrals, and results.

“Where I’m encouraging people to think about their customers’ and employees’ experience with their brand,” Phelps told Publio Podcast host, Keith Reynolds, “ your content marketing focus encourages people to own their content rather than renters.”

“At the end of the day,” Reynolds replied, “content is an expression of your values and your expertise. Content, and the Chief Content Marketing Officer, are the vehicles to deliver the brand experience. The difference is that we use distinct vocabularies that describe how to deliver your brand’s differentiated experience.”

Build a Differentiated Experience in the “Goldfish Tank” with

Stan Phelps

The first 10 years of Phelp’s DX journey have been about writing, keynote speeches, and workshops. 

“I’m at an inflection point,” he said. “My next 10 years will be about impact.”

Phelps has piloted a new program that gives marketers actionable ideas and impact on their organizations. Called Goldfish Tank, the program is an “innovation experience.” He combines team building and applied learning. At the end of the program, the groups pitch their ideas in a Shark Tank-inspired format and compete for prizes or program development funding. 

“Senior leaders will tell you they want fresh thinking. They want employees to innovate and be ‘intrapreneurs,’” Phelps explained, “they want employees to do more with less.”

He wryly points out only three problems with these stated desires:

  1. Failure to make investments that give their people the necessary skills.
  2. The capability to turn insight into action is not granted.
  3. Lack of a formal rewards system that incentivizes people.

The Results?

Stan Phelps’ Goldfish Tank creates that safe space for innovation. Top performers get rewarded, but he is talking about rewarding your people with a unique and valuable experience. The goal: teach your team how to uncover insight and drive new ideas through a fun and competitive process. 

“The benefit of the Goldfish Tank is that it’s more than team building and camaraderie,” Phelps explained. “It’s an experience built around a real problem and the result will be a solution that will generate value for the company.”

Stan Phelps’ Next Experience

Phelps’ travel to 19 different countries for speaking appearances over the years has yielded its own reward. He takes advantage each opportunity to interact with different cultures, and he says he gotten back “a ton” of positive energy. 

These experiences have prompted him to embark on his own personal Goldfish Tank experience. He will be attaining the coveted Global Speaking Fellow credential, which less than 50 people in the entire world have. Stan has to present all over the world!

Don’t be surprised if you see Stan Phelps achieve his own differentiated experience at the 2024 Global Speaker Summit in Bali, or somewhere else exciting in the coming years. 

We’re rooting for you, Stan! 

About Stan Phelps and the Differentiated Experience

Stan Phelps works with organizations that want to increase loyalty, drive sales, and promote positive word-of-mouth with differentiated experiences. As an author, keynote speaker, and workshop facilitator, his in-person and virtual programs stand out in a sea of sameness because he models his message of differentiated experience. Learn more about Stan on his website,, or connect with him on LinkedIn:

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