It doesn’t matter if you talk about content for video, SEO, websites, the internet, television or even the yellow pages. (Remember those?)

“You’ve always had to remain true to your customers and your messaging,” Rob Weiss said in a Publio Podcast. “Your message has to resonate, and help [your customer audience] make decisions.”


Rob Weiss is CEO of Multivision Digital, a video production and video marketing services company in New York City. He described how we should approach content creation, be it written, video, graphic design or (ahem) a podcast. 

For Publio CEO Keith Reynolds, who hosts the Publio Podcast, that approach is called your North Star — the idea that guides your content and connects it with your customer audience as they start their journey of getting to know your company.

In Weiss’ world, content is all about one thing. “Video fits into advertising. It fits into sales. It fits into recruiting. It fits into thought leadership. It fits into social. It fits into training. It fits into inclusion. Video, video, video video.”

You might say that video drives his business. In fact, you should say that any time you talk about Multivision Digital. However, be clear about one thing: Weiss is not the video guy. “I am the business person who happens to sell video content for your specific objective.”

His sales call begins with the objective. “What if video was never invented? How would you talk about your product?” It’s how his team is able to create the video content that fits into the client’s strategy and the workflow.

“It only happens by talking about the strategy first, the distribution second, and then the content piece last,” Weiss explained.

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