Every company that is trying to have conversations and convert leads has the same problem, Cultivize CEO Jason Kramer explained in our discussion about lead nurturing on the Publio Podcast:

They don’t have a system to identify incoming leads and bring them through their sales process, so they often spend a lot of money on inbound marketing. Then they become frustrated because they don’t have a succinct way to connect their CRM data, marketing data and sales process together in a unified way so they can know whether or not which marketing channels are actually generating the right types of leads that are turning into customers.

Kramer is talking about a succinct way for organizations to connect their CRM data, their marketing data, and their sales process in a unified way. His company teaches SharpSpring users how to build and use a connected lead nurturing process. This enables you to understand which marketing channels generate the leads that become customers to improve results.

Get Cultivized

Cultivize is a SharpSpring Platinum Partner that provides setup and one-on-one training sessions with clients. Kramer’s team provides ongoing monthly strategy sessions in order to help their clients get the maximum return on their SharpSpring investment.

“We help solve for what happens after the lead comes in,” Kramer said. Your messages must be consistent and on-brand. They must flow through your entire organization from marketing organization to your inbound messaging, and your sales process.

“If every salesperson is left to kind of speak their own language,” Kramer pointed out, “then your message is misrepresented, off-brand, definitely not on strategy.”

Publio CEO Keith Reynolds has collaborated with Kramer over the past several years. Reynolds noted several cases where companies discovered tremendous opportunity when they focused on what happens after the customer expresses interest. “It’s very expensive to get customers to that point,” Reynolds noted. “Jason teaches them to manage that process in a procedural, planned-out way, which maximizes the campaign’s results.”

Kramer’s real value to his clients is his role as a coach. This simplicity translates into successful prospecting because he teaches them how to put their content together, build their systems, and handle all the conversations.

Four Lead Nurturing Ideas to Improve Lead Yield

Customer relationship management software connects companies with their customers. You’ll have several CRM tools at your disposal to enshrine these four ideas in your lead nurturing. And you’ll convert more sales opportunities to customers.

Interact: Give your customers multiple ways to interact with you. People want options, not just contact forms, especially when they’re close to making a decision. Plug booking tools, such as Calendly, into your SharpSpring CRM. SharpSpring has a native scheduling tool that improves lead tracking, as well, They put the control into potential customers who will book meetings when they’re available, versus a back and forth with a salesperson.

Automate Follow Up: After a meeting is booked, for instance, a follow-up with a thank you that highlights the call’s agenda, or provides client testimonials and case studies. Conversely, if you send a link to book a call, and the client clicks the link but does not make the booking after one or two days, a follow-up email can remind the prospect and keep the conversation going.

Add a Personal Touch: Worry less about bothering a prospect because you already called this week, or it’s 5 PM on Friday. “Some of my best sales calls are Monday morning and Friday at the end of the day, because guess what?” Kramer said. “The person at the end of the day on Friday, doesn’t wanna do any work. They’re already mentally checked out. So they’ll maybe more likely to talk to you at five, six o’clock on a Friday.”

Improve Segmentation: To improve lead nurturing, a customer who made a purchase should receive very different messages from a prospect who did not. Announcing a sale to a prospect is a great idea. For the person who already bought that product, a promotional message about a different product will have a better effect. 

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