In the latest episode of SMarketPlace™ Live, we had the pleasure of interviewing Burt Levy, President and CEO of Revenue Mountain LLC. Burt’s impressive career spans over two decades in the media industry and a subsequent successful transition to the technology sector. In this interview, Burt shares his wisdom on leadership, effective sales strategies, the integration of technology, and his passion for rock and roll. Let’s delve deeper into the details and nuances that have shaped Burt into the successful salesperson and leader he is today.


Insights into Leadership and Sales


Burt Levy’s approach to leadership is rooted in empathy and responsibility. Reflecting on his extensive career, Burt emphasizes, “Leadership is a responsibility, not a rank.” This perspective underscores the need for leaders to support their teams both emotionally and physically, creating an environment where employees feel respected and valued.



One of Burt’s key principles is the idea that true leadership is about providing resources and support for team members to grow. “You don’t have to be better at the people’s jobs that you’re leading than they are,” he states. “What you have to do is make sure that you can provide the resources, both physical and emotional, for them to grow.” This philosophy is evident in his efforts to ensure his team members feel appreciated for their contributions, fostering a positive work environment where everyone is motivated to excel.

Burt advocates for empathetic leadership, which he believes is crucial for building strong, productive teams. “My goal was always to have my people go home every day feeling respected, admired, appreciated, and valued for their contributions at the office that day,” he explains. This focus on emotional well-being not only enhances team performance but also fosters a positive workplace culture. By prioritizing empathy and open communication, Burt ensures that his team members feel supported and valued.

One of the critical distinctions Burt makes is between being a successful revenue generator and an effective leader. “There is zero correlation between being an accomplished revenue generator and being an accomplished leader,” he notes. This differentiation highlights the unique skill set required for leadership compared to sales, emphasizing the importance of mentorship and continuous learning. Burt credits his mentors for his growth as a leader, acknowledging that their guidance and example were instrumental in his development.


Effective Sales Leadership Strategies


Burt’s strategic approach to sales integrates his empathetic leadership style with practical initiatives. At Revenue Mountain, he specializes in bringing technology products to market and assisting companies in flux with sales, leadership, and culture development. His success is evident from his work with clients and with salespeople on his team. He wrote a blog post that highlights his passion for sales leadership: Dumb Things That Sales Leaders Do!



Open, honest, and authentic conversation is the single biggest thing. Everybody has to be, they have to say, here’s where our strong points are, here’s where our weak points are, this is what we’re trying to accomplish. You can’t hide anything. You gotta lay it all out on the table.

A significant aspect of Burt’s sales strategy is his commitment to understanding and addressing the unique needs of each client. He believes in the power of building strong, lasting relationships based on trust and mutual respect. “Open, honest, and authentic conversation is the single biggest thing,” he states. This transparency allows for clear identification of strengths and weaknesses, ensuring that all stakeholders are aligned and working towards common objectives.

Open, honest, and authentic conversation is the single biggest thing. Everybody has to be, they have to say, here’s where our strong points are, here’s where our weak points are, this is what we’re trying to accomplish. You can’t hide anything. You gotta lay it all out on the table.



One of Burt’s success stories involves a technology company where his strategic approach resulted in significant revenue growth. “We took an 18-month-old technology company and specialized in consulting on the Microsoft platform on data automation and integration, taking them to market to the tune of about $900,000 plus in revenue within a 24 to 28 month period,” he shares. This success led to other tech companies reaching out for his expertise, allowing him to build a business around his proven methods.


Integration of Technology


Burt’s transition from media to technology over a decade ago was driven by his belief in the need for evolution in the business world. “I got into technology a little over 10 years ago. I was probably 10 years behind most of my contemporaries who bailed much earlier than I did, but I hung in there a lot because I really, and I still do, believe in the media model of newspapers, but I think they have to change the way they run their business.”

At Revenue Mountain, Burt focuses on helping technology companies integrate innovative solutions to enhance their operations. One of the key areas is IT procurement, where his team matches technology companies with the businesses they serve based on their specific needs. “We help match technology companies with the businesses they serve based on need from the outside world.”

Burt also highlights the importance of strategic sales approaches, including the integration of data automation. By automating mundane tasks, businesses can significantly improve their operational efficiency. Burt shares a success story where his team saved millions of dollars for a pet store franchise client by automating their invoice processing. 

“We saved them over 3,000 hours in human labor of doing this mundane exercise of opening invoices, copying them, signing them, scanning them,” he recalls. This approach not only saved time but also allowed employees to focus on more strategic, value-added activities.



Such strategic alignment is crucial for the successful integration of technology, ensuring that the solutions provided are both effective and efficient. By conducting thorough research and understanding the specific requirements of each client, His team ensures that the technology solutions implemented meet the unique needs of clients.

Burt’s belief in continuous learning and adaptation is evident in his approach to technology integration. He emphasizes the importance of leadership, staying current with industry trends and being open to new ideas and solutions. This adaptability has been a key factor in his success, allowing him to provide innovative and effective solutions for his clients.


Rock and Roll: Beyond A Fun Perspective


Beyond his professional achievements, Burt Levy’s passion for rock and roll offers a glimpse into his vibrant personality. His love for music also informs his approach to leadership and sales. 

He enjoys drawing inspiration from the spontaneity and creativity of live performances, which fuels his strategic thinking and encourages a fun, engaging perspective on professional challenges. “I’ve seen Elton John, Springsteen, Jefferson Starship, and the Beach Boys live,” he shares. 

Reflecting on his experiences attending concerts, Burt draws fascinating parallels between the adaptability and authenticity required in both music and business. He believes that true performers, whether in music or leadership, are those who can adapt and connect with their audience, even in the face of challenges. 

“Think about the rock bands… they mess up all the time, but we don’t see it because they play right through it. And that’s the sign of a professional. This mindset underscores the importance of authenticity and adaptability, advocating for content that resonates with audiences even if it’s not perfect.”



This mindset underscores the importance of authenticity and adaptability, advocating for content that resonates with audiences even if it’s not perfect.

He highlights how music serves as a source of motivation and creativity, drawing parallels between the spontaneity of live performances and the dynamic nature of business.

Burt shares, “Music is therapy. I do my best work, my best writing, when I have a little music on in the background,”  illustrating how deeply he values the role of music in his daily routine, not just as entertainment but as a powerful tool that enhances his productivity and inspires innovative thinking.


Leadership, Service and Inspiration


Burt Levy’s lifelong career in leadership and service, spanning the media and technology industries, provides valuable insights into empathetic leadership, effective sales strategies, and the integration of technology. His fun perspective on rock and roll adds a unique dimension to his professional philosophy, emphasizing authenticity and adaptability. Burt’s journey offers inspiring lessons for leaders and professionals aiming to navigate today’s dynamic business environment.


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