We were so used to working on whatever we thought was important at the time that we didn’t realize such disruption was on the horizon until it was upon us. Most of us digital workers are getting our sea legs back now and practicing our social distancing. We are watching the data as people are starting to go out. And, we are changing the way we work. Writing this post about my recent virtual presentation for Hayvn Coworking Space in Darien, CT got me thinking of just how much things have changed. And how much we are changing as a result.

The Changing Nature of Workspace

After the presentation on Wednesday, May 12, 2020, I spoke with Felicia Rubenstein, founder of the Hayvn Coworking, about shared offices, remote working as people are rethinking where they work, and the demand for space outside NYC. Felicia is a visionary leader in our local community. I was thrilled to be invited as, our network runs deep. Felicia is also the mother of my former college intern and one of the copy editors of the New Content Culture, Cam Magida.

Hayvn currently has some unique marketing challenges as a one-year-old startup built on the physical gathering of people. Hayvn is defining the future and all the innovation taking place to reopen safely is encouraging for me. Like so many others I have interviewed for L(a)unch – The Innovation at Lunch Show I co-host, Felicia, and her team are pivoting and finding new ways to deliver products and services. Since the onset of the coronavirus crisis, Hayvn has offered a number of online programs and has become a networking hub for members and clearinghouse for information in the community. They have started online programming, such as their HALFTIME series I appeared on.

Office Space For Rent

Today, as the state opens up, the coworking facility has safe office space for rent to people who need a place to get away from work-at-home situations, or who do not want to work in New York City. Opening, June 1, I am sure Hayvn will find a new crop of tenants, given their creativity and the spike in demand for Connecticut properties recently.

Not everyone can, or needs to, work at home. The demand for workspaces compliant with the CDC and Connecticut Department of Health can be a great resource for individuals or teams trying to get back to a sense of professional routine as the state begins to reopen. It was fascinating to learn of their efforts to prepare for reopening and I wish them all the best as they work this through.

The marketing challenge is to get the word out to people searching for “OFFICE SPACE DARIEN CT.” and so forth. Check out their Short Term Leases for Private Office Spaces offerings here.

Hayvn HALFTIME Presentation

In any case, I had a super experience presenting to Hayvn Coworking’s HALFTIME group and have several new connections on LinkedIn and follow-up discussions underway. Sue was so helpful in my understanding of the audience so I could tailor my presentation to the types of businesses that would be on the call. Attendees were especially interested in the ROI aspects of The New Content Culture. I really appreciated the opportunity to meet everybody.

You can see my presentation: Nine Action Items to Help You Pivot, listen to our discussion and hear the great questions from the audience here:

Thanks and let me know if my team and I can help you reach your Customer Audience.