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We live in The New Content Culture, but how do you make money with branded content? That is the $64,000 Question. Building a branded Content Hub is a great tactic because Google values highly relevant SEO content that attracts and retains users and your Customer Audience is seeking information and solutions. Multimedia content should provide information to your audience in a way that will achieve an outcome in a more sophisticated way that a publisher would.

Today, content is hosted in the cloud and connected to the marketing automation and CRM systems are used to manage customer relationships. Your team has to connect the two to implement your go-to-market strategy and bring leads into the funnel for you to see a return on your marketing investment. That is easier said than done. But, it is easier with a Content Hub.

Adopting our “Publisher’s Modus Operandi” (M.O.) methodology is a proven way to achieve success because you concentrate your messaging and all your content marketing and social media activities. The “Publisher’s M.O.” offers a roadmap for leaders of marketing teams and agencies, along with entrepreneurs to generate ROI.

A Content Hub is an online portal or magazine. Unlike a traditional media property that generates advertising revenues, a Content Hub is valued on the basis of how much a new lead is worth in your sales pipeline. (Check out our handy Content Hub ROI calculator) You might also want to place a value on Customer Audience retention in your publishing efforts.

To accomplish this it is imperative to design your Content Hub as a closed loop system, where all your content is concentrated on your website with links back to it from posts on social media networks, email and paid ads. All links must be encoded to identify the source in your follow-up analysis to understand what is drawing your audience. It is also important to have your website technical environment, in addition to on-page content, optimized for SEO on a continuing basis.

To market in this environment, you need a process. The Publisher’s M.O.’s 7&7 Buckets provides a unique “agile” framework for Marketers to strategize and implement digital media experiences that customers will love while achieving measurable ROI for the business. The Publisher’s M.O. is also an accountability platform that leaders can use to make sure that the business goals and milestones are being achieved from your content publishing.

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