Marketing leadership is hard because we live and work in a world that doesn’t always respond the way we want. Despite this simple fact, we believe we can do things like build organizations, lead teams, achieve results, and get noticed. However, when a leader has questions of personal growth to address, the world will give you a harsh reality check. 

How effective marketing leaders use personal growth move their careers and organizations to the next level.

Sitting down with Publio Founder and CEO, Keith Reynolds, Chris Salem confided he noticed earlier in his career that patterns in his own behavior were holding him back. He was that guy who went out of his way to please and seek validation. The perfectionist in him placed high expectations on himself and his coworkers. He did not communicate effectively. If a task wasn’t done right, Chris’ passive-perfectionist side compelled him to do it himself.

“I saw everybody else as the problem,” Salem told Publio Podcast host Keith Reynolds. “When expectations went unfulfilled, I would get angry at the situation, angry at a client, angry at the company I was working for, or angry at people who didn’t do what they were supposed to do. I finally understood that I was the problem and that things could only change if I was part of that change.” 

Personal accountability and growth go hand in hand with leadership.

Today, Salem is an executive coach and keynote speaker who uses that transformational experience to help his clients take their businesses and personal lives to another level. 

How Leaders Influence People and Create Impact

“We can’t control other people or situations, but we can control five things that we can do each and every day.”

How well you lead depends on whether you listen to your inner critic or your inner champion. Your inner critic compels you to please everyone.  When expectations are unfulfilled, you get caught up in trying to control things that you can’t control, and your inner critic starts to place blame. 

Your inner champion, on the other hand, understands your strengths and weaknesses so that you can understand and deliver on your role and duties. Now you are accountable and your communication is specific, clear, and concise. You are assertive – not aggressive – because you understand that you are interdependent with your team and other organizations.

Leadership, Salem explained, is most effective when sharing information instead of simply telling people what to do. When you share, you are empowering people and encouraging them to do things on their own initiative – maybe something they haven’t done before. Learning to think in a different way will impact how they communicate with themselves and others in positive ways. 

Chris made another interesting point in the conversation, noted Reynolds: “Your behavior must align with your communication.” Even if an initial situation is negative, you can pause and reflect before you respond. You may even have to sleep on it. Your goal is to respond to a situation instead of reacting. 

Your reality check will lead you to find solutions, which is very different from managing problems. That works for marketing leadership and for leadership in general. 

Taking His Leadership Brand to LinkedIn for Marketing Leadership

Keith and Chris also discussed the marketing leadership it takes to put yourself out there on social media, LinkedIn in particular as a marketing leader. Chris actively shares his expertise on LinkedIn by regularly posting articles, videos, and other content related to leadership and personal development. He also engages with his followers by responding to comments and messages, and by participating in LinkedIn groups and discussions. Christopher’s content on LinkedIn often focuses on topics such as overcoming limiting beliefs, managing stress, and improving communication skills, as well as his travels as a professional speaker. He also shares insights from his experience as an executive coach and as a board member for several organizations. Through his active engagement on LinkedIn, Christopher has built an engaged following, and he has become a trusted source of information and inspiration for many professionals. You’re going to learn a lot by listening to his thoughts on having an authentic presence and regular posting and engagement to deliver his own marketing leadership for his business.

About Chris Salem

Chris Salem is an executive coach who serves business leaders, entrepreneurs, sales executives, authors, speakers, and others who take their business and life to another level. Chris has seen people aspire to make changes and grow but have struggled at different phases of their careers and life.  He is just like you, a regular person that has faced similar struggles.  Chris shares from experience what has worked successfully for him through hard work and dedication to help in your challenges.



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