Leading marketing industry site MarTech recently profiled Publio’s latest offering, a podcast ecosystem tailored for B2B thought leaders. As a senior consultant at Publio, I have an insider’s perspective on why we were featured last month.


Publio’s Podcast Ecosystem™, which includes development of long form interviews and short clips, intro and outro overlays, YouTube and Spotify uploads, and blog, email and social posts, was highlighted by frequent MarTech contributor and Publio Podcast guest Ruth Stevens in her December 2023 article, What’s new and what’s working, in B2B channel partner marketing.


Conceptualizing the Podcast Ecosystem


Publio developed its podcast ecosystem while setting up the infrastructure to launch and promote client podcasts and  our own content, including our original Publio Podcast and its recent SMarketPlace™ reboot.

While many marketing firms offer à la carte support for podcast, blog and social media content, we realized that bundling these together as one topical keyword-focused service provided a unique differentiation opportunity. Set up and delivery of this holistic package as part of a branded content hub maximizes the value of each individual element, fostering SEO and a unified customer experience across channels.

Publio founder and CEO Keith Reynolds notes that the offering’s real value lies in providing executives with an easy way to directly influence monthly content creation with minimal time commitment:

“Over time, these contributions toward the building of a branded content hub online lead to a solid online presence that reflects the views of leadership in a very compelling way. The interviews become the catalyst for marketing teams to generate a month’s worth of SEO content or more.”

Reynolds added, “In a crowded media market, there is simply no better way than a branded content hub to get your strategic messaging out to your customer audience and bring them to your website.”


Publio’s Podcast Process


Publio’s skilled strategists work with client executives to establish goals, outline strategy and record interviews that can be quickly turned into social media and SEO content. Sometimes client executives serve as podcast hosts and sometimes they are the interviewees. Another popular format is the customer roundtable, in which invited guests discuss a topic and network together for an hour, generating content while building community. Video of presentations and speeches can also be repurposed for podcast distribution.

Once raw content is captured, it is turned over to a creative team to produce in a wide variety of formats for distribution across the channels target customers frequent. Publio manages entire workflow in Asana using our signature Publisher’s M.O.™ custom templates.

Following content publication, a critical step is to funnel engaged audience members into the company’s CRM to facilitate lead nurturing. As a HubSpot Solutions Provider, Publio is equipped to onboard clients onto the platform if they do not have a CRM in place. Alternatively, we can set up a podcast ecosystem to sync with any client’s existing CRM or guide them toward a solution aligned with their goals and budget.

The Publio team is currently developing podcast ecosystems for several technology and professional services clients, along with additional SMarketPlace content, all released or expected for release in Q1 of 2024.


Results: Authority, Leads, Scaling


As an executive, owner or founder, you have to build a media presence to hold credibility today. The podcast ecosystem is one means of achieving this goal.

One success metric Publio observed through our own podcasting is increased Authority Score. While a bit of a black box, an Authority Score is a proxy for how Google rates your company. This is why links to your business are so important. When high authority sites link to your site, your authority score rises. At our times of peak content distribution, we have seen upwards of 40% increases in our own Authority Score using this method.

Businesses who develop a content strategy based on the topics their customers care about, and post relevant content to the channels these customers frequent, position themselves to capture inbound leads in their CRM. Using this same content to support prospecting, they can move these leads forward in their customer pipeline, close business and scale.


Interested in Your Own Podcast Ecosystem?


Publio’s Podcast Ecosystem™, including interviews, setup and production of a minimum of six episodes (one per month) starts at $3,000 per episode. Interested parties can learn more and request an estimate via our contact page.


Catch Up with New SMarketPlace™ Content



SMarketPlace™, a live example of Publio’s podcast ecosystem, debuted last November with enthusiastic support. The series features cohosts Keith Reynolds and Tom Dempsey in a fun exploration of the intersections between sales, marketing, and rock and roll.  After discovering both their first concert experiences were both with the band Boston, as showcased in the above clip, Keith and Tom started to explore ways rock & roll serves a metaphor for how sales and marketing can collaborate for business growth. Stay tuned for new SMarketPlace episodes and interviews on LinkedIn, YouTube and our blog, The Hub.