The rap on artificial intelligence is that it takes our jobs? That’s true only if your job is a series of mundane, repeatable tasks. In fact, properly deployed AI tools enhance our jobs, or — as Bryce Wade, vice president of Sales for Mind of a Marketer, puts it: optimizes people’s deployment of their time for their skills. And he means exactly that. Artificial intelligence allows people to use their time and skills to get actual, valuable work done. The kind of work that requires insight, creativity, and the liberal application of your knowledge, experience, and wisdom.

“Once you actually figure out what that AI needs to do, it can do it at a blinding speed,” Wade told Publio CEO Keith Reynolds in a Publio podcast. For example, large companies spend millions of dollars every month on Google Ad Words. “We built an AI to solve that because people simply cannot manage at the large scale that AI can,” Wade explained. 

Think of a person sitting at a computer who checks a keyword, then another, and another ad infinitum. Throw in attention span, fingers, speed and stamina, and it’s more than humans can handle.

“The economy demands AI,” Wade pointed out. “Before the internet, you just didn’t work this kind of scale. We didn’t have massive global companies in the way that we do now. Apple is a $2 trillion company. I guarantee they use AI in many different places to optimize their labor force.

“AI can analyze data. It can display results in a way that’s easy to understand, and it can give you better situational awareness,” he continued. “But it can’t take the job of someone asking a customer how a product or service can work for them. AI cannot ‘do’ research and development.”

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Seven AI Tools that Marketers Can Use Right Now

Mind of a Marketer leans into artificial intelligence for tasks ranging from content creation to distribution, as well as figuring out what Google wants in your keywords. Wade shared seven examples of AI applications that Mind of the Marketer uses for itself, and its clients.

Optimize Google Ad Words: Which ad words actually make your content appear at the top of search engine results? The money saved from this optimization can be redeployed to buy more Ad Words, or boost growth for other projects. An SEO Audit and Assessment will uncover technical factors and front-end opportunities such as content, keywords, and metadata that affect your ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Accelerate SEO: Manage backlinks for tens of thousands of domains and determine which domains provide quality backlinks.

AI SEO: Performs SEO optimization on large websites in one day, as opposed to the several weeks that humans would spend on the same task. This application is most effective for websites that post a lot of content.

AI Writing Tool: This is actually two AI tools. The first tool scans content that captures the top 10 search engine positions for a topic. The second tool creates content that can rate as much as 60 percent for SEO. A human takes over from here and is able to boost the ranking up to 80 or 90 percent. 

Deep Dive Website Optimization: Beyond AI SEO, this tool identifies thousands of issues on your website that should be fixed. 

Confirm Google Ranking: Recommends changes to make on your website based on what already ranks high on Google, not on what you think Google wants. 

Wade advised the podcast listeners to think of marketing in one of two silos: Strategic and tactical. Search engine optimization is a tactical option to increase traffic, and your content is the strategic silo. Marketers time is best used on strategy, such as defining the content, as well as how and when to display and distribute. Use artificial intelligence for your tactical tasks, and use the rest of your time to work on your strategy.

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