Welcome to the latest episode of SMarketPlace™ Live, where we continue our exploration of the intricate relationship between sales, marketing, and the vibrant world of music. Hosted by myself and Tom Dempsey, the series delivers valuable insights with a touch of the creative spirit that defines the music industry.

In this episode, we have the pleasure of featuring Steven Isaacson, a branding strategist with a unique background that bridges the gap between the traditional business world and the creative realms of music. Steven hails from a family with four generations of experience in the printing industry, serving some of the most prestigious financial institutions in Manhattan.



Steven’s journey from performing music across New York City to becoming a sound engineer encapsulates the essence of adaptability and innovation. His experience in setting up a rehearsal studio in Manhattan, coupled with his work at the renowned Electric Ladyland studio, provides a rare glimpse into the collaborative processes behind some of the music industry’s most notable achievements.

Steve is founder of Isaacson Associates, and, despite the rise of digital advertising, he caters to businesses that understand people still crave real-world experiences. His focus on In-Real-Life Marketing offers unique opportunities to break relationships free from the digital realm and connect with their audience in the physical space they inhabit every day. He helps clients engage their customers’ senses, capture their attention, and create lasting memories that sets brands apart from their competition.

In this episode, Steven shares stories from his diverse career, offering listeners a chance to learn from his experiences at the intersection of sales, marketing, and music. His insights are not only engaging but also reflective of the broader themes of creativity and strategic thinking that are vital in today’s business landscape.

I extend my gratitude to Tom Dempsey for his invaluable partnership in this experimental podcast series and to Steven for sharing his compelling narrative and shedding light on the synergies between business strategies and the arts.

Join us on SMarketPlace™ Live for an episode that promises to enrich your understanding of how business acumen can be enhanced by the lessons learned from the creative and dynamic world of music.


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