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Client Success Story: EVaaS Solutions


Series of electric vehicle charging stations

EV Charging, Redefined. EVaaS Solutions offers custom electric vehicle charging solutions as a service.


One recent successful engagement we’ve had is with EVaaS Solutions. EVaaS Solutions offers customers state-of-the-art EV charging options to turn parking facilities into business opportunities. Their mission is to deliver custom solutions with little upfront costs and revenue-sharing opportunities. Working with EVaaS since July as the company’s fractional CMO, Publio has facilitated the following deliverables to date:


  • Developed EVaaS brand and website with the client’s agency
  • Researched and created company tagline
  • Built relationships and navigated content approvals with partner companies
  • Created corporate and sales decks
  • Implemented HubSpot
  • Trained a network of sales agents
  • Designed a custom proposal process in a unique “deal desk” model to rapidly respond to opportunities
  • Developed a podcast format for content creation next year


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Also: Please follow EVaaS Solutions’ LinkedIn page and reach out if you know someone who needs an EV Charger solution for their building or parking facility.