Carnivore Radio provides commentary on tough issues, covering multiple perspectives to get to the “meat of the matter”. Over the past month, Publio founder Keith Reynolds appeared on Carnivore twice, discussing Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the COVID Era. 

UPDATE: Catch Keith Reynolds on Fridays in 2021. He’ll be stopping by to join the conversation throughout the year!

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Adapting in the Age of Disruption

So much has changed in the past six months. The global coronavirus pandemic has impacted and continues to impact nearly every aspect of our lives. Every business has gone through intense disruption. But out of the dark has come unprecedented innovation and transformation in the business world. 

The fact that so many were able to work from home on short notice is nothing short of remarkable. “I think the economy would be in much worse shape if we didn’t have a nimble economy,” says Keith. “Lot’s of changes [are] going on but people are adapting.”

This ability to adapt has proven essential to survival in the Age of Disruption. According to Eric “The Dr.” Lopkin, Carnivore’s cohost, over 50% of small businesses didn’t even have a website before COVID. 75% had no means of accepting payment online. The pandemic has made that absolutely imperative. 

“We’re doing business through the glass. [You’ve] got to be thinking about how you do business through that pane of glass and create experiences for your customers and create processes for your company to help serve people through [it].” says Keith. Companies need to adjust or completely rewire their strategy for digital. 


Content Strategy is Key

Pivoting during the pandemic requires a shift in your content strategy to better target your audience. You need to become a digital native as they are. Everything, from social media to go to market strategy and larger marketing efforts requires adjustment.

The Publio team understands this process intimately and we also know it isn’t easy. “You have to have empathy and understand other people are also going through really tough times as you do business with them. We’re going to accomplish things together,” says Keith. 

Keep in mind that your attitude determines your altitude. A positive attitude can be the deciding factor in getting us through tough times like this. 


Attitude is Everything

Take Felicia Rubinstein for instance, founder of HAYVN Coworking space in Darien, CT. When the pandemic hit, she could’ve easily viewed the shelter in place measures impact on her business as a permanent setback. But she didn’t. 

Felicia knew that people would eventually find working from home every day unsustainable, especially households with two working parents. Additionally, there has been an unprecedented and undeniable influx of thousands moving to the Fairfield County area from New York. 

So she immediately began working on efforts with Publio and many other amazing entrepreneurs to create a completely safe, clean place to work. Social distancing measures were put in place, masks became required, and one-way traffic was enforced. Her attitude made all the difference in HAYVN not only surviving but thriving.


Stamford Innovation Week

Examples like this are all around us. Another prime case is Stamford Innovation Week. In its third year, Stamford Innovation Week is going completely digital. While some would see this as a setback, Keith and the others on the board for SIW took it as an opportunity.

“This ability to get online and do a conference like we’re doing allows us to draw a global audience. We see people registered from other states who wouldn’t have even considered coming to innovation week. [There’s] lots of opportunity so start rethinking who is your customer and what services you offer by leveraging technology.” says Keith. “Nothing is stopping us from doing business with people from our town or on the other side of the world.” 


Social Justice, Inclusion and Diversity

This increasingly global perspective and interconnectedness is becoming more and more prominent with the conversations around diversity and inclusion that young people have introduced into the dialogue. As one of the five themes of SIW, Social Justice, Inclusion & Diversity is top of mind for companies because it needs to be.

“The biggest mistake companies make is they hire people just like themselves so they don’t have that diversity of opinion. You need people who are bringing new ideas and different backgrounds and that boosts the level of conversation in the c suite and ultimately helps the results of the company.” says Dr. Lopkin, cohost of Carnivore. “You can’t go after diversity for diversity’s sake. Having a diverse workforce still means you have to hire the best people possible, [you] have to remove the idea that the best people are just like you.”

Keith wholeheartedly concurs, “Let’s say three cheers to our youth, because in 1968 the cultural revolution was driven by our young people, they’re now the older generation. And we have another generation that’s coming up and saying no we don’t want society to be this way.” 

Attend SIW to learn how to become the best employee and employer for the Age of Disruption, Uncertainty, and Social Justice.  Remember: it’s important to consider the opportunity amidst all the change. Contact the Publio team to learn more about how we can help. 


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