I am so excited to announce my next public speaking engagement! Check it out…

On Thursday, January 31st, I am teaching a Masterclass webinar about enhancing content marketing ROI with Content Hubs with PowerPost, a brand journalism and publishing platform company out in St. Louis, MO.

There is a burgeoning market for brand journalism and content publishing, in large part to meet the demands of customers and search engines to produce content that is highly relevant — and therefore, “sticky.” Among other things, Google actually values the time someone spends on your site.

I’ve been working for the last five years to build my expertise in producing Content Hubs like Chief Packaging Officer and Untapped, two of the larger projects I produced for agencies before starting Publio. Last August, I launched Publio as a consulting firm focused on this center of competency and to promote the Publisher’s M.O methodology I created to help others create really awesome Content Hubs. And I am proud to report in six short months, the Publio team is growing and my vision is getting noticed.

Next week, we’re joining forces with PowerPost to help brand teams, agencies and entrepreneurs learn to create high-impact Content Hubs that attract and retain customers and builds ROI for stakeholders. I’ll provide an overview of why Content Hubs are so effective and review the methodology. Attendees will learn how to use our Publisher’s M.O.™ agile, collaborative publishing system to:

  • Think like a publisher to grow your business
  • Demystify content marketing ROI
  • Define your brand’s marketing approach using a seven-bucket strategy
  • Implement and scale systematically with your teams
  • Adopt a Publisher’s M.O. for an organization of any size

(Thank you, PowerPost. I look forward to putting on a great show together.)

So, please join us on Thursday, January 31 at 1 PM Eastern, 12 PM Central!